3 Quick and Dirty Ways to Enhance Your Website When Strapped for Time

3 Quick and Dirty Ways to Enhance Your Website When Strapped for Time

Sometimes we just don’t have the time we wish we had. Ever feel that way? And if you are the owner of a website representing a small business, this might be even truer. Or was that “more true”? You’ll do a search on that later when you have the time…

Right now, you managed to wrangle 15 minutes from problem solving and did a search for quick tips to enhance your site. Good job. We’ve got you covered. These tips are for the time-strapped and take little time to enact, depending on how elaborate you are willing to go. Without further ado… because your time is precious, read on!

Tip #1: Display your social proof.

Social proof is a way of saying that people feel safe mimicking the behavior of other people. Sound weird? Guess what? You have participated in this behavior, even if you might not realize that you have. When you look up an IMDB rating on a film before deciding to watch it, that’s you looking at the behavior of others to help you judge if it is worth your time.

In this same way, you need social proof on your website to tell people that others have used your service or whatever you have to offer and have loved it too.

Still too wordy and abstract? All the following are forms of social proof:

  • Customer reviews
  • A Facebook badge displaying the number of likes your page has received
  • A page counter for site visits
  • Badges showing your affiliation with other well-known companies.

Have any of those? Yes to some, no to others? Get as many up there as good web design will allow.

Tip #2: Understand local SEO.

Does your site use good SEO practices? A quick way to tell if you do: Type in a search for the product or service you offer, plus your business location. Try to think like a person who is doing a search for your business but knows nothing about you yet.

Did your website come up? If not, you need to focus on adding local SEO keywords into your site’s copy. Knowing what your site is missing is half the battle won. You can take a crash course on local SEO about what to do to get your business out front and center when people do searches. Or you can get a team to work on this for you. “A free website audits should be standard. The guys at StickyWeb I am sure will agree with me. An agency worth their salt needs to pinpoint your site’s strengths and weaknesses to identify changes necessary to boost its performance,” says Colby Richards, Managing Partner of Brown Box Branding in Seattle, WA.

Tip #3: Give a shout-out.

This might seem like a weird one, but it is actually quite trusty. Do you have a great client? One who always shows up when you are holding promotions and is faithful to pass out flyers when asked. Anyone other than your mother will do. Give that customer some love. Take a moment to say thanks on social media for their loyalty. If you can, consider giving them a gift certificate or whatever else you want to do to show your appreciation. Be generous. Go a bit wild here.

This works for several reasons:

  1. People love recognition. We all want it, but the polite among us don’t like to ask for it. Go ahead and make someone’s day.
  2. People like to buy from other people. Being generous and showing recognition and care shows customers that there is a human running the show, someone with feelings.
  3. People like to tell other people about good things that have happened to them. 80 percent of social media tells this truth. The side benefit of your business doing a good deed is that it will get talked about, which means free publicity for you.

How does this enhance your website? Enhancing your business will enhance the content of your website. It’s all connected.

There you have it. Some quick tricks to brush up your website during your next 15-minute opportunity. You don’t need a full day devoted to your website to make the progress you want to see. Progress comes in little steps as well as big leaps.






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