3 Underused Google Analytics Features Any Marketing Agency Los Angeles Should Try

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date: 7.16.12

  People tend to fall in a rut because they are human.  It can become habit to click on the same thing over and over while not paying attention to other tools available on Google Analytics.  Because many marketing companies Los Angeles are keen on using the same tools, they are losing out on a wealth of available data.  And sometimes using that one new thing is all it takes to create new opportunity or solve a long-standing problem.  Google Analytics have three top features that gives a fresh look at data.

Advanced segments can be the OMG moment for any type of analytics review or diagnosis.  It looks at traffic for organic search or paid search (if that is what the client wants to focus on ) versus all traffic.  It also helps to understand the trends and traffic changes that is being seen for the work that is being done against overall traffic to a client’s site.  If only new traffic is segmented, it will help to understand if a site is providing the relevant information in the correct places to move new customers on to a conversion.  The custom segments can be set up to identify and exclude visitors.  This can help to understand behavior of new and returning visitors who have never participated on a site.

Using frequency and recency can tell how often, and at what time intervals, a visitor returns to a site.  Engagement metrics take a look at how long users spend on a site and how many pages were looked at during their visit.  Even though the data is somewhat broad, it can provide a starting point in understanding what direction to go in for analytics research.

An example would be looking at the frequency of visits to a hotel site might show a high return rate within 3 days along with a second look in 50-100 days.  This could suggest that visitors are reviewing their hotel options over the 3 days before booking.  Then, in two to three months, return to look at booking again.  When this data is combined with an advanced segment of only converting visitors, the data stands out drastically.  Now it can be used to influence retargeting and campaigns to increase conversion and return visitors.

Multi-Channel funnels launched in August of last year.  It provides very interesting data on paths that visitors take before converting to a site.  It is an extremely useful source of information in understanding the true value of a referral source over the last touch conversions that it drives.  This is very useful for low conversion referral channels providing indispensable insights into true value.  First touch conversion data can be seen along with understanding how many visits it takes a customer to reach conversion.

The negative side to this report is that the data doesn’t show the keywords that were involved in the conversion.  Even with the negative, a marketing agency Los Angeles can understand customer behavior and the true value each channel provides.

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