5 Invaluable Free Tools for Los Angeles Online Marketing

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.25.12


There is no shortage of tools for Los Angeles online marketing firms in the world we live in today.  For every task that any online marketer of any marketing agencies in Los Angeles  could face every day there are seemingly an infinite amount of tools that could be chosen and  a mind boggling array of ways to use each one.


Marketers can be overwhelmed by all of the dazzling new widgets, hyped upgrades and emergent channels that seem to come out on a daily basis in mass quantities in the online marketing industry.  This could be attributed to the constant evolution of the marketing industry and trying to meet the needs of the marketers to keep up.


Instead of getting caught in the avalanche of new, taking a look at some tried and true tools won’t hurt and possibly be the tool that pulls through in a crunch.  There are five tools that are in-shop favorites ranging from image editors to databases that go from plain to wow with various practical uses for each.


LetterCount.com is the first tool to be looked at.  Mustard and ketchup color scheme along with sketchy UI ignored, it has a no muss, no fuss convenience to fall in love with.  It can be pinned into a Chrome window eliminating any need to boot up Word or Excel and is totally perfect for instant character counts.  Need to turn a Face book Page Post into a Page Post Ad?   For meeting those pesky word counts Facebook demands, LetterCount.com can become a new best friend forever for fast character counts.


Second on the list is IrfanView.  Use this for quick image modifications, a favorite among PC users in the aimClear shop.  IrfanView is an incredibly streamlined program that is open source and loads in an estimated 0.024 seconds.  It has the handiest image editing commands set up with easy keystrokes and yes, it is free.


WeFollow is a user powered directory that is extremely helpful for identifying interest driven people on Twitter that range from authority to average.  Just type in a few keywords relevant to the target audience, which are preset categories, then click on the user of interest.  Check out the additional tags that person identifies with to broaden your search.  WeFollow makes it easier for social demographic research and identifying promising people to follow on Twitter.


The Archivist provides those pretty graphs that everyone seems to be fascinated by.  A nifty tool for tracking and archiving tweets in fantastic data visualizations.  Great for quick data visuals of keywords from Twitter, at a glance understanding of keyword/conversation frequency, and impressive charts for the boss or client.


Factual is a mother lode and go to source for international data on literally thousands of topics that are updated constantly.  It has key verticals that range from Global Places to health care providers, restaurants to consumer products.  There is an abundance of info, figures, and statistics to wander through, so get ready to browse a while.


By using these tools, you can make some tricks that marketing firms use work for you.


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