5 Keyword Research Tips for SEO Services Company California

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


One of the cornerstones of creating a successful SEO campaign is keyword research. What you target on your website determines the type of searches it receives into the search engine research pages or SERPs. It also will determine what kind of visitors will find your website. New websites have to begin from scratch because they don’t have analytics to help them through the keyword selection process yet, so they have to use their best judgment to determine their keywords.

These are 4 keyword research tips for new websites:

1. Long tails are fine, but plan for searches that are broader.

Building trust with search engines is a big part of possessing a strong SEO campaign. But the age of your website plays a big part in the trust factor unfortunately and new websites simply don’t have it. In order to work around this, newer sites need to be sure that they work in long-tailed keywords inside of their content. Keywords like these may possibly have a much lower search volume initially, which means that there is less competition for more targeted searchers to find your website because of. Targeting these long-tailed keywords such as these can help your site be relevant long enough so that you can build trust with search engines and start targeting more broad keywords later.

2. Search volume shouldn’t decide what your keyword selection is.

In the United States alone, the keyword SOFTWARE receives nearly 25 million searches a month. Of course, you want to be that website company that ranks number 1 for SOFTWARE in search engines because your potential could be endless, but new websites have to understand two crucial things pertaining to search volume: First, the higher the search volume, the more difficult it will be for that particular keyword because of the competition. Second, simply because a keyword has high search volume, doesn’t mean that it needs to be your priority keyword. Most web design classes in Los Angeles teach this logic. More specific keywords (keeping with the example from earlier) like COMPUTER SOFTWARE many not get the 25 million searches, but customers searching for what you have to offer may find you easier if your keywords are more specific to what you have to offer.

3. Choose keywords page by page

Target unique keywords on each page of your website based on the content of that particular page. The content available on your website is what’s going to help your keyword selection and also help that particular page do well with search engines. According to SEO services company California, you can target between 2-5 keywords per page, which is the best practice for you website.

4. Your keywords can change

The keywords that you use first, don’t have to be your last ones. Just as your company and the business evolve, so does your focuses, which would include keywords. Working new keywords within your website and SEO campaign (or if you have video SEO company Los Angeles connections), will help you from becoming outdated. What also changes is search behavior. The way that people search for certain things on the net currently, doesn’t promise these trends to be the same two years from now. You will need to change your keywords to keep up with the times so never feel obligated to have your keywords set in stone.

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