A Best SEO Companies Guide for Using Best Practices on Pintrest

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.30.2012




Pinterest has risen exponentially as one of the premier social media networking sites in recent memory. Balancing a careful line between Tumblr and Twitter, Pinterest serves a platform through which users can share pictures from anywhere on the web as well as their own pictures.


These pictures can also be posted the the user’s own content, as the best SEO companies have observed. Because Internet is a host to such a wide range of users all over, even Pinterest is susceptible to unruly and unacceptable user behavior.


The best SEO companies know that, if you’re looking to make a profit off of pinning content, you should pin the content of others without permission. Requesting permission will be easy, as many companies like the extra publicity that comes from you pinning their stuff on Pinterest. You should also make sure to credit the source for the pin. Most of the time, the link associated with the pin will automatically trace back to the original source website, but in the case that it doesn’t, you should actively cite the source to prevent copyright infringement suits.


Negative commenters are rampant on comment boards all over the Web, including Pinterest. Rarely do intelligent, self-respecting people seriously take heed to derogatory or negative comments in response to a post, especially if the commenter is anonymous. Sure, there may be pins out there you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your opinions to yourself. If there is a pin you don’t like, move on to the pins you do like and are even willing to re-pin. Finding pins you’re passionate about is way more constructive than picking apart pins you hate.


Shady, savvy Internet users have created spam bots and used them to pin spam content on Pinterest. These spam bots can also make comments on pins along with posting a link to their spam content. If Pinterest isn’t regulated to spot and remove such spambots, they will ruin the experience of honest pinners.


Another annoying thing that happens on Pinterest is when a pinner doesn’t link back to the original page. If there’s a lovely, high-quality picture of a delectable cake that’s pinned without a link, it defeats the purpose. Pinners will want to learn more about that picture and even how to make that kind of cake themselves thanks to the content provided on the source link.


Photo-shopped pictures being boasted and portrayed as the real thing can also get on Pinterest users’ nerves. Such amazing pictures, such as amazing picture of a person standing at the edge of a waterfall, often get repined many times by unsuspecting users who don’t know that the photo is pre-engineered and not from real life.


Having a long, heated debate thread over a pin can really annoy users, as that comment thread and pin will take up a lot of space on a newsfeed. It’s additionally annoying if the comment thread is a negative, heated argument about something that has nothing to do with the original content posted. If you don’t like the pin, go to something else you do like. And whatever you do, don’t argue at length about personal matters on a Pinterest thread; take it to a more private forum.


Pinterest is a great social media site engineered to make sharing fun. If you commit irritating habits, however, it could make the experience negative for others.


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