A Few New Tools for Los Angeles Marketing

Staff Writer: Katrina Pallop

Date: July 27, 2012

It cannot be overstated how important it is for any Los Angeles marketing firm to be as educated as possible about new and improved social media technologies that might be put to good use for their clients. Every so often, it’s good to check in with new and exciting advances in the realm of social media, in order to determine how best to put the tools at hand to use for you! As marketing companies Los Angeles, you really cannot be over-prepared with all new information about social media and its various applications. This here is a list of the most helpful new social media tools that you might be interested in:

            1. Boardreader is a forum search engine that’s fresh off the presses. If your goal is to keep track                of all the tabs on your company and brand, this tool is for you. Many of its customers use things                    like message boards and forums for complaints, and the occasional questions and comments as                  well. This tool is perfect for reputation management and the like. It gives you a very clear picture                       of how consumers are regarding your product, whether the feedback be positive or negative!

            2. CoTweet is a great help for businesses both large and small who are looking to become more             in tune with contemporary social media tools and applications. CoTweet makes it easier for                         companies to engage with their consumers while scaling and measuring online marketing                      campaigns, even a few at a time. This particular tool is similar in function to HootSuite but,                according to users, the main difference is CoTweet’s clean, dashboard-based design and the fact              that it targets corporate users of            social media.

            3. EdgeRank Checker is sort of like what Klout was to Twitter once upon a time; only EdgeRank              is affiliated and popular with Facebook. This tool can help you measure what factors are                 influencing Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithmic system. It presents the findings to you in a                simple-to-understand format, namely graphs and such. EdgeRank lets you know the latest                  statistics about time and weight decay, affinity, and other statistics in order for you to maximize                         the amount of traffic your posts are getting.

            4. TheFancy is a lot like Pinterest, but even more addictive! The site allows you to pick out and        arrange images and items as much as you like, and therefore this site is the perfect place for              brand marketing to take place! With a minimalist, chic design and easy-to-use interface, it would                       be surprising if TheFancy nudged Pinterest out of the lead on the curatorial website market.

            5. Gremin is an adorable, personal little helper for all your social media needs! This tools helps to                keep track of all your social media accounts and data. From scheduling Twitter posts to                      monitoring your reputation online, Gremin can analyze the response to your online content and                     even keep track of things like your LinkedIn account! That sort of exhaustive monitoring is hard to                come by, especially in one well-designed tool like Gremin.

As you can see, there is a plethora of new technology related to social media that is yours for the mastering!

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