A Free Link Ads Submission to Submit Web Directories and the Power of Google for URL Ads in the Engines Takes the Online Business Into 90% of Views. How?

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

The World Wide Web is an arena.  An arena of every form of industry, an encyclopedia of knowledge and the way most businesses of today operate. The media on the World Wide Web has brought businesses into the limelight of billions of World Wide Web users and has made traditional businesses soar as well as online storefront hit unimaginable profits.  It has been the light at the end of the tunnel for many as they have sought opportunity and achieved the task of turning dreams into reality.  It has taken the uneducated human being and made a wealthy independent person of them and it has taken the educated and done the same.  It has is a means of seeking information and shopping and running businesses but for many it is the main source of media in promoting their businesses.  The World Wide Web allows the online business marketer to reach across the globe and to target their audience making sales skyrocket and it is taking online storefronts and allowing them a place to operate with little to no overhead.  It is a business’s best friend.

The World Wide Web offers every form of media available in the real world.  However, it offers this at a fraction of the cost as the traditional form of advertising.  It is a way to reach across the world and entice the world to your product or service.  If a marketer thinks of the reality of what the net can actually do for their business both locally and nationally it is staggering.  The possibilities are unimaginable.

Constructing one’s website or joining an affiliate program or matrix program is the beginning of success on the World Wide Web.  The construction of the online business marketer’s website will include the addition of suitable keywords and keyword phrases that best describe their product or service and the most relevant content to beat out the competition.  This must entice the viewer to convert to a sale.  Constructing a website on the World Wide Web is moderately simple; it does require knowledge however.  There are hosting sites that you can go with such as GDI that offer site builders at an affordable ten dollars a month.  This is an excellent choice as it is reasonable and offers all the tools necessary to build a site.  Once the online business marketer has his site built he will be able to market the site.  Once you have constructed your site you must submit your website to a free link submission sites such as Google submit a URL and to submit web directories sites.  The link submission may be of no effect without the most relevant content on the World Wide Web among the competition.  This will increase the odds of being listed in the index results.

Search engine listing is everything.  One must be in the top positions of the search engines to reach true success.  However, before this is done one must submit his website to free link submission sites such as Google submit a URL and other popular and relevant search engines.  A good choice is often to submit web directories as you can submit too many search engine sites at once.  These are normally free ads submission sites and normally the paying directory sites perform submission on a monthly basis to many search engines.

Promotional advertising is in every media form on the World Wide Web.  However, one must learn the art of Internet marketing to be successful.  It requires dedication and skill.  It is not something that can be learned overnight but it a marketing that can bring results overnight.

Many traditional and online business entrepreneurs seek the assistance of a professional for instant results.  This is typically the best strategy on the World Wide Web.  Online professionals are by the dozen and finding the right professional that suits your company is something that will be achieved.  TrafficSoar.com is a professional that is extremely rounded in the art of marketing.  With an Internet marketing degree he is a master of his trade and has produced successful campaigns for the online business marketer since 2008.  He provides powerful campaigns at affordable rates and is receiving outstanding reviews.  He has helped online business marketers increase their profits at a phenomenal rate.  And, he has offered the assistance of free marketing skills through his site which has an entire library of marketing methods that are explained in a simple language for the online business marketer to gather information.  The site has been a Godsend for many and he is merely beginning on the World Wide Web. The site also includes free link submission and tips on submitting to such sites such as Google submit a URL


The beginning marketer with the want to build his search engine ratings on a no budget to relatively small may opt to advertise through the use of traffic exchanges.  He may opt to engage in the following:

Traffic exchanges are sites in which the online business marketer joins to support one another by viewing each other’s websites.  The more time the marketer has to devote to viewing websites the more site views he will receive.  The online business marketer with a fair amount of time will be able to receive thousands of site views to their website.  This will increase the online business marketers standing in the search engines as well as give him exposure among other marketers who may be interested in their product or service.

To find traffic exchanges look for:

  1. Ratio
  2. Membership plans
  3. Members
  4. Incentives and special contests
  5. Number of sites which you can promote

Other forms of inexpensive advertising are safelists and text ad exchanges.  With the safelist a marketer will join other marketers and advertise through email campaigning.  Text ad exchanges are also a marketing member site.  Through the text ad exchange the marketer’s post ads, banners, links to their site and other members view them through clicking on the ad.  This is an excellent way to have your sites viewed.  However, each requires a fair amount of time and the marketer needs to remember that organization is mandatory.  Without proper organization an online business marketer will waste valuable time and go in circles.  The World Wide Web is overwhelming with marketing knowledge and it is necessary to organize and manage your campaigns.  Place an ad tracker on each and every campaign and know where your results are coming from.  It is necessary to track and manage.  Submit to Google submit a URL site and free link submission sites.

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