A Good LA SEO Company is needed to Overcome Panda and Penguin

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.16.2012


The internet has become filled with spam as people try to find ways to work around the system.  To deal with this overwhelming amount of spam, Google has updated its search engine algorithms, nicknamed as Panda and Penguin, to fight against these spam sites showing up as results in Google users’ searches.


But ever since Panda and Penguin came along, many companies have lost quite a few visitors to their websites.  While these sites are not spam, they do partake in SEO practices and a lot of the things that SEO companies do have been frowned upon by Google.  This is why their sites have lost where they rank on a search engine results page in a Google search.


The Panda and Penguin algorithms not only spot spam links and make you lose traffic to your site, but the amount of traffic you receive is dramatically smaller than before you first started using spam links.  When Google decides to crack down, it means business and the algorithms have left a lot of websites hurting from the loss of followers.


Even with the new updates in the algorithms, there are still legitimate ways for SEO companies to regain their viewers and work with the algorithms.  An SEO expert Los Angeles knows how to properly use SEO in a way that Google will approve of and will increase the number of viewers a website has.


If you are going to continue to work with SEO, you will want a good LA SEO Company that knows how to do search engine optimization the right way that Google will approve of and will not be turned down by the algorithms.


What does a good SEO company do differently?  They know that it is not just about making as many links as possible and overfilling a website with keywords.  It is about a correct balance of links, keywords, and quality content.  The website must still have value to the reader even if it is a way of marketing.


How does an SEO company know how to get this good balance?  Well, it starts with not having a list of keywords that you have to shove in to the article’s text.  The SEO writer should have a concise topic and just write a quality piece.  If the topic is condensed, then the keywords will automatically and naturally appear.  While SEO is all about having keywords that are most likely to be searched by Google users, the new algorithm bypasses sites that do not have quality content, so this tactic of keyword stuffing will not even matter if the content is not good.


While you are rebuilding your network after Penguin and Panda tore it apart, it would be a great new start to get associated with social networks.  A Los Angeles social media agency can assist you with this.  Social media sites have always been a great way to connect with people and now it can be a great way to create that following you are looking for your business.


The algorithms do not make it easy to rebuild your following if you used spam links.  But you still have the opportunity to get back on your feet.  Just follow the new guidelines Google has and you will have more viewers than ever before in no time.

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