A Guide to Using Google+ Hangout for Businesses

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9.10.2012

Although Google+ is a newcomer and thus considered an underdog compared to heavyweight social media outlets Facebook and Twitter, Los Angeles search engine optimization professionals know that Google+ offers attractive, exclusive features that you can use in your business marketing efforts.

Google+ Hangouts allows for a private video chat with up to ten people at a time. With Hangouts, you can also conduct a “public” broadcast, through which anyone with a Google+ account can see your work.

If you have a small business or SEO company Los Angeles, you can use Google+ Hangouts to your advantage from a marketing standpoint in several different ways.

First, you can overcome the inconvenience that occurs when you simply can’t meet with clients or customers in person by using Hangouts. When using the phone or email is too distant or impersonal, Hangouts can get past that impersonal barrier. You can even talk to multiple clients at once if you want to get the same message out to all of them, as opposed to a mass email. Having clients see your face on a consistent basis reminds them that you, too, are flesh and blood, and that you care about them.

In terms of getting your clients or customers to join you on Hangouts, you can also use this function as an extension of customer service. Coming face-to-face with any customer who has a concern or question about your product brings a level of intimacy and honesty to the proceedings. With the live Hangout, you can show the person how to fix any problem in real time. When a person can see your face and you can help bring out positive results, this brings trust and a returning customer.

Sometimes, it can also be inconvenient to schedule a meeting with all of your employees at once, especially if a few of your employees telecommute or aren’t in the office of your Los Angeles SEO company. With Google+ Hangouts, you can get up to ten employees online at once and discuss important matters. This is also considerably more relaxing than being in a conference room, since usually all parties involved are in a place where they are more comfortable.

You can also use the “on air” broadcast function in Hangouts to your advantage as well. Offering a free webinar or product demonstration is great for your content marketing campaign, not to mention a method of getting your name out in the ether.

You can also use the “on air” option for special events that your company will be involved in, as well as new products and sales. If your clients subscribe to your Google+ page, you can send out an email notification, inviting them to join you in Hangouts at a pre-arranged time.

One feature in Hangouts is its integration with Youtube. This allows you to record and store any Hangout session you have and display it on Youtube. This allows you to also build a backlog of webinars and video meetings that your clients can return to at their leisure.

Google+ Hangouts can be an effective marketing tool for business owners and SEO professionals alike. With Hangouts, you can build your brand name and promote your products and services.

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