A Local SEO Company on Why Facebook Ads May Not Be Effective

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.31.2012




Facebook ads are a great way to get your brand out there for tailored, targeted audiences. If your local SEO company or business has ads on Facebook that aren’t performing as well as you imagined they would, there might be several reasons as to why your Facebook ads aren’t performing well.


With your Facebook ads, it’s important for a local SEO company to know that you’re vying for the attention of millions of users with your ads. That means if the ads don’t adequately get the attention of users, then you can likely classify it as boring. This is a nail on the coffin when it comes to Facebook ads. If your ad is boring, you’re wasting time and money, as you’re competing against many other businesses who have attention-grabbing ads. Test out your ads before publishing them in the ether and see what kind of responses you get.


Using a stock image or logo can also be deadly for your ad campaign. Instead of doing something typical, create a custom or original image that illustrates what your company does, why they should choose you and how you can benefit customers. To get customers to click on your ad, they have to understand what’s in it for them and how you can benefit them.


A very common reason for lack of performance in a Facebook ad – or any ad, for that matter – is a lack of adequate testing. You should test several different kinds of Facebook ads for your company before you opt for just one to publish.


One other common mistake in advertising is selecting the wrong target audience. The interest group you selected to aim your ad dollars at may not be as invested in your product as you originally thought. It’s very important to find out who your target audience is before proceeding to publish ads. You’ll need to determine who is the most passionate in your product or service, as well as who will likely buy your product. Aiming your ad dollars on the wrong audience will prove to be a waste of time and money.


Sometimes the ad copy or text just isn’t compelling enough to get the clicks or conversion rates. With your ad copy, you need to make your point clear while also being compelling and original. The small size of the ad requires you to be quick while also grabbing people’s attention.


Before publishing yourself on Facebook, you’ll need to do your research and find out how many dollars will translate from all the “likes” you get on Facebook. If your focus is on brand awareness and you haven’t figured out if these “likes” or “friending” will translate into actual dollars, you may be playing too big of risk and spending more on advertising than is necessary.


Although you want your “likes” to translate to dollars down the line, you shouldn’t place sales ahead of Facebook relationships. Your Facebook page should be an inviting place for the casual visitor with whom you share in common similar interests. Make sure you first get your visitors comfortable and give them time before selling them anything.


By assessing what you’re doing wrong, you can turn your Facebook ads into a very successful part of your marketing campaign.


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