A Mix of High-Tech and Old-Tech and SEO in Media Companies Los Angeles

Staff writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 7.24.2012


Obtaining marketing research among physicians can be a challenging task. Online data and informational surveys focusing on methodology are ideal because it allows respondents to participate at their convenience which are also used and available through social media companies Los Angeles.

Survey companies used as the premise of this article suggests that the Internet or e-mail isn’t always the best way to recruit physicians. SEO in Los Angeles website companies aren’t the targets of this study. We are talking about professionals in one of the busiest fields of business. For those reasons, one of the most effective recruitment method for physicians is a frequently overlooked communication method — the fax machine.

Because you’re using the Internet as your data collection tool doesn’t always mean you need to restrict your communication activities to the Web. While there are appropriate studies and sound reasons which justify recruitment using the Internet, it is found that these methods do not work well with the physician respondents targeted.

Physicians are a unique because they have their own set of preferences and values when it comes to marketing research, which also makes them a diverse group of respondents. Not only are physicians busy professionals, but they are usually unrivaled in the number of separate interests vying for their attention most days.

Between patient visits at 15-minute intervals, phone calls, nurses, peer requests, emergencies, and it’s very easy to see that a solicited request for a survey can be very easily overlooked in its importance.

Recruiting methods

Recruitment techniques can take the form of either online or traditional. Online recruiting encompasses targeted pop-up windows, online banner ads, e-mail, or other Internet-related methods and media companies Los Angeles. Survey companies defined traditional recruiting as communication via postal mail, fax or the telephone. With traditional recruiting, we can eliminate postal mail for obvious reasons. We can also eliminate phone calls to a physician’s office because of the schedules of the doctors with most solicited phone calls rarely getting past the receptionist.

E-mail recruiting usually means that you’re contacting samples by using an opt-in list. Though media companies have an in-house broadcast e-mail capability that allows us to customize and send e-mails to prospective respondents, it is rarely employed for that purpose. In fact, even in cases where a client has provided an opt-in list of e-mail addresses for physicians, they will match this list against their physician database to obtain fax numbers, and recruit in this way. The truth is, is that a list is opt-in only if the users remember to opt-in. In the case with other busy professionals, physicians often don’t remember opting-in. Also, other forms of pop-up invitations like banner advertisements will only reach physicians that happen to be online at a particular time.

So how do you get in contact with physicians? The answer is the fax machine. After nearly a decade of experimenting and conducting marketing research with physicians, studies have shown that a faxed invitation is the most efficient way to reach a doctor. The fax machine has been immune to the vigilance of office personnel with most handing fax correspondence to physicians directly or placing them on his or her desk. But research has also shown us that when you use traditional recruiting methods and couple them with the speed and efficiency of a faxed survey, you increase your chances of connecting to your target. Though you should probably go with the fax machine first.

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