A Quick To-Do List When You’re Changing Your SEO Firm

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.31.2012


Your web traffic isn’t what you had hoped for, your conversions aren’t up to par, and your rankings aren’t that impressive either.  What happened?  It might be time to seek out a new SEO firm. And why not?  You hired an outside provider because you need results, and with SEO evolving at the rate it is, more and more talented SEO firms are popping up.  There is probably one out there that would be more in tune with your objectives.  But before you sign on the dotted line, there are some things you need to address.


Before you enter into a contract with a new SEO firm – one that you’ve fully vetted for dependability and results – you’ll need to tie up some loose ends with your old SEO service.  For example, when you first hired your former provider, they probably asked you for access to your site’s Google Analytics.  Now that you have a new firm in place, you need to eliminate your old provider’s access.  You might argue why, since they can’t do anything significant with the data; however, there’s always a chance that they can use it for comparative studies among similar companies similar. Why help the competition?  Block access ASAP.  And by the way, ditto for access to Google Webmaster Tools and FTP or CMS.  That’s certainly information they won’t need – and shouldn’t have – once your contract has been terminated.


Another good tip is to make sure that copies of your baseline ranking report as well as your most recent ranking report are firmly in hand.  This data allows for an easy and accurate way to review the kinds of ranking results they were able to achieve with regards to things like organic rankings, or lend you an alternate means to rate their overall SEO game plan implementation.  Even more, this information might be useful to your new SEO provider.  It could give the new firm a clearer understanding of the trends and rankings your former plan managed to generate.


On a related note, if your old SEO provider kept a log of primary on-page and off-page keywords that were utilized in your marketing campaigns, ask for that as well.  It may not sound all that critical when compared to things like access to your analytics, but having these in one location makes for easy availability in the future.  Your new SEO might want to refine these choices or revamp them altogether.


Finally, it’s a good idea to get a handle on the link development strategy your old provider used to gather links for your website.  You should be fully aware of the details of your link portfolio, regardless of techniques utilized to create it, before your old contract ends, especially if the need arises for your new provider to audit your links.


Switching SEO firms is certainly a good thing if you aren’t getting the results you want.  Just make sure to take care of these issues before embarking on a new SEO business relationship.

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