A Search Engine Marketing Service’s Guide to a Solid FAQ Page

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.20.2012

The FAQ page of a website for a search engine marketing service is just as important as any other page on your website.

An FAQ page, or “Frequently Asked Questions” page, serves multiple functions, including clearing up any questions or confusions your readers may have, as well as bumping up your rankings on search engine results. FAQs also serve as a quick and painless overview of your website and services, as well as giving you the opportunity to increase sales. All these reasons serve as great incentive for building a well-written FAQ, and here are several tips for doing so.

Make sure readers can access your FAQ page easily. An FAQ will never be able to serve it’s main function for reading – answering questions and clearing up confusion – if your readers are still wondering where the FAQ page even is, and is confused about where to find it! Your link to the FAQ page should be clear on your navigation panel. You can also add a link to the FAQ at the end of articles or other pages.

Place your most relevant and most common question on top, and order it in order of importance. This allows a reader to go straight to the “meat and potatoes,” as most of their questions are answered right on top of the page.

It’s helpful to have both colleagues, a search engine marketing service, and friends who are not in your industry look over your FAQ page for anything you may have missed. Consulting both people within and outside your industry will give you a wider lens through with to critique your FAQ page, allowing you to expand on questions and answers that both industry folk and non-industry people want to know more about.

In formulating questions for the FAQ, it’s important that you include only relevant questions related to your business and website.

The format of the page itself should be in a simple Q-and-A format, making the questions easily distinguished from the answers. A longer FAQ may require that you file questions into different categories on the page. Making a hyperlink of categories will help readers immensely in skipping the sifting of irrelevant questions. A search box for questions will also help readers quickly search for the exact question they want answered.

All of the answers to your questions should be brief and to-the-point, with a few sentences max. If a tremendously long answer is required, you may want to link the answer to another article on your website.

A call to action at the end of the FAQ page is always helpful too. Be sure your contact information is up to date. There should be no excuse for a customer not being able to find your contact information or not being able to get in touch with you. You can also add a contact form at the end of the FAQ page, in case a customer’s question isn’t accounted for.

Business owners frequently underrate the importance of an FAQ page, yet the function of an FAQ is vital to your site and to connecting to customers.

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