A Website Optimization Company Knows Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Replace SEO

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.22.2012



Social Media and social networking are being used as a new wave of marketing.  They add a personable feel to a business and allow for easier advertising and broadcasting of a website.  A lot of website owners think that social media marketing can replace search engine optimization.


And why not? With social media you can create a “buzz” about your website’s business and product.  When you take a creative approach to broadcasting to your target audience on social media sites, they will take it and run with it.  Spreading your website like wild fire and boosting incoming web traffic.


Social media marketing can give a website owner a big head, because it can give giant bursts of traffic to the site, but how many of those visitors stay longer than a few minutes and even buy what you have to offer or even sign up for the newsletter?  Social sites like StumbleUpon can bring in a huge traffic boost, but don’t guarantee any kind of revenue.


Social media does have you most likely talking to your peers instead of potential buyers.  Which can give you an ego boost when they tell you how awesome you are.  Building your credibility with online communities is an excellent thing.  But do you gain sales through those kinds of social circles?  What about your rankings with organic searches that actually target your audience?  If your business revolves around ad impressions generated by your site or traffic for traffic’s sake, then you are on the right path.  But selling a product or service needs so much more to be successful.


A good website optimization company knows that social media marketing alone won’t sustain a business based on sales, but with it combined with search engine optimization it can maximize the target audience.  On-page SEO is always the ground work needed for a website to succeed.


The best search engine optimization company is going to have the cornerstones of SEO laid out first and then suggest to their clients to try their hand at social media and social networking sites.  Once you have learned who your target audience is and what they are searching for, and what your business can do to help them, make sure your website meets their needs.  All of the hype you create with your social media marketing won’t matter much if the target audience isn’t apart of the online conversation.


Do not be surprised after once joining the social media world you doing get the ROI you were expecting.  SEO basics are important, before attempting to go adventuring in the land of social media marketing, one should be sure their search engine optimization consultant made their website crawler-friendly.  This means making your site around keyword phrases that people will most likely use in search engines to find what you website is offering.  This is the most important thing you can do for your business.  It’s not as posh as social media marketing, but skipping this step can hinder your business growth.


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