A Website Optimization Company’s Pitfalls in Content (Even for Good Content)

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.16.2012




With the most recent stringent Google and Panda updates, SEO experts in any website optimization company are expressing more concern about their content building strategies. In terms of Google Panda update, even decent content may fall through the cracks and get the Panda hammer. Take a look at see if your content is getting the healthy links it deserves; if it isn’t, your content warrants a closer look and a critical eye. There are several reasons as to why good content could go awry.


Your good content can fall to the wayside if it appears too commercially driven. You may not realize it yourself, but sometime content, while giving information about a product or service, may be advocating it to the point of it sounding like an advertisement. Also, advertisements surrounding or intruding upon your content certainly doesn’t help. This is a mistake that most any website optimization company can make once in awhile. Personal bias in an article can also give your SEO performance a downgrade.


If you conclude that your content is too commercial, what you’ll need to do is parse out the excessive ad space and make the subject more focused and clear. You can still keep your own brand name in your content, as that will certainly help identification. Also, don’t trap yourself solely within the keyword subjects, and also write conceptually relevant and supplemental information that will benefit the reader expand his knowledge on your subject. Making your content appeal to a wider range of people will attract more traffic.


Sometimes content creators can fall into the trap of writing content that is too one-sided. Even after you’ve gotten rid of the excessive advertisements surrounding your content, the content itself may still be advocating or shooting down a particular item without considering other viewpoints. Make sure you are objective about your subject and acknowledge different viewpoints. If necessary, search for reinforcements and find any negative views to your argument. When bringing to the table both sides of an argument, you can let the reader reach his own conclusions.


Another common problem with good content on a website is that no one is reading it. It hasn’t been promoted enough or is tucked away in an unknown corner of your website. You may either be promoting your work in the wrong places or to the wrong people. This is your chance, then, to build a real audience and find out who’s buying into your content. You may need to engage a lot in social media in order to get the word out on your content.


Know what kinds of content people respond to on different platforms. What kinds of content will your readership find the most compelling? Timing could be a big factor here, especially if current events have an effect on your industry. An outreach campaign will work wonders on your traffic. However, without knowing who the outreach is aimed at, you’ll likely be shooting in the dark.


By refining and enhancing your content, you’ll be able to gain the traffic you want and deserve.

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