Acknowledgement in the Search Engines through Free Submission Web Sites Such as Google and MSN Site to Further Exposure of your URL and BOOST Profits!

Search engines are the life and blood of today’s internet. Without these it would be nearly impossible to find relevant information quickly and easily. Search engines use a unique tool called crawlers to dig out sites from any nook and corner of the World Wide Web and present it at just the typing of keywords or phrases. However these results normally run into hundreds of pages depending on the uniqueness of the subject leading to a more confused browser and lesser chances of websites being accessed by them. Browsers normally have a tendency to search only the first few pages of the result and if they do not get what they want, they skip the entire search or will key in other search phrases. Therefore it is extremely essential to have your site displayed within the first few result pages, preferably the first page if you want to get good number of visitors to your site. This has led to various technical terms like search engine optimization tools, free submission, page ranking and many more. The crawlers are able to display the results within a few seconds because of what is called indexing. The crawlers will keep the sites submitted to them in databanks and retrieve them easily when required. If you submit web site to search engines you are considerably increasing your chances of

Being searched by the crawlers is what would have been indexed and will be displayed almost immediately. Free submission of website to search engines is a tedious and time consuming task, but extremely effective. Many search engine optimizers are willing to do this task along with other additional services to have your site registered in the free submission quickly and easily. When you submit a web site to search engine there are many tools you need to use to top the page ranking list like meta tags, content rich and unique information, regular update of information and many more. It is not a “do it and forget it” task but rather a continuous process as your competitors would also be using the same tools and techniques to list high on the search results.

Anyone who uses Google is well aware of its popularity. There are over 75000 search engines and an equal number of submission services. Google submit web site can help you make your presence felt on the internet. Google also offers many other services apart from Google submit web site such as pay per click programs, Google Adsense, Google Adwords and other similar programs However none of these are linked to the search engines efficiency meaning using these services will not allow you any priority on the search results. Only when you Google submit web site and the crawlers find your site relevant, updated, content rich and keyword specific will they index it and display it. You can submit your website to a search engine only once in 45 days. Resubmission before this period will not be considered. There are many sites available that offer free submission to major search engines on the internet

Another way of Google submits web site is to place your links in other sites. If this is done you may not even have to submit your site. Avoid using software that automatically submits your sites to the search engines. Reputed search engines believe in “organic” searches to provide the browsers with relevant information and automatic submission service may affect your site’s ranking.

MSN search is also another popular search engine used by many browsers. When you submit URL to MSN you are substantially increasing your chances of being found on the web. MSN crawlers have a unique way of searching, they too use the crawlers but while Google checks for the keyword on the number of pages, MSN crawlers search essentially on the first paragraph of the first page for keyword relevant information. When you submit URL to MSN, ensure that you insert a keyword rich paragraph at the top of the page preferably within the first two paragraphs. Anadvantageously optimized web page ranks well on MSN Search. The page should be optimized well on all aspects, beginning with the first paragraph right up to the final word. Stating precisely what you deal in and describing it within a few plain and simple words right at the beginning is an excellent practice. Since the patience of most browsers is quite limited and they like to move away from a website within a few seconds, if the first paragraph is unclear or not interesting enough, you lose out on the advantage of keeping your restless visitor on your site. Another aspect of MSN search is sometimes, for certain keywords, it displays on its high ranking page list sites that do not have the keywords in their main content. But at the bottom of the pages was clickable links text pertaining to the keyword. Hence when you submit URL to MSN keep in mind two things:

o  MSN search engine considers link text rich in keywords placed on the sites as important. This may partially be due to the indication that with the keywords present in clickable link text you are genuinely dealing with the subject.

Keywords placed at the end of the page are considered important as a page that started out describing the product or service genuinely discusses the issue right up to the end.

While the above points may seem quite obvious to search engine optimization experts, these are sometimes neglected. In fact these two are an integral part of optimization practices and makes sense in terms of furnishing the website users with solid information. With MSN crawlers placing more importance n these two aspects, submission to search engines have become even clearer and easier.

Your work does not end with free submission. You will need to continuously monitor load time check, test your Meta content, spider simulator, generate Meta tags and check your Alexa ranking. Alexa is one of the most powerful tools that is used to rank website traffic and will let you know how your site ranks not just among the search engines but amongst the browsers too.

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