Advanced Power State Media List: use them for your Benefit

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Media has played a very important role in shaping our history. It also adds history’s to the summary of events that transpired back in ancient times to modern times. Mass and public media gain a large audience in the world. It is used for communicating messages and information that affects socio-cultural, economic, and political situations in many ways. Many types of media are available such as newspapers, radio and television broadcasting, books, publications and the Internet.

While mass media is designed to reach a very large audience through mass circulations like advertising, and other forms of propaganda and public media. On the other hand, it may require a certain membership or acceptance to be able to render information such as large media corporations. State media is ultimately controlled or funded by the state government that has contrast to the public and independent media. It is usually prescriptive and does not care much for high ratings because their main concern is to tell people what to think and do. Soviet Russia and North Korea have a high interference in media. They use it as a tool for political propagandas and impose strict policies and regulations that limits press freedom. State media in non-communist and liberal countries today is also accessible like mass media and public media. It also delivers a wide scale of information’s to the public in modern means and techniques to deliver information.

The purposes of media are various. Although it limits the discussion, it generally pertains to advocacy (for business, political or social concerns), entertainment such as acting music and sports, and public services that involve announcements. They still circulate messages and information across the entire population although media is sometimes biased. It has been criticized as manipulators by the large group of people through various media outlets and various political agendas. Moreover, some people consider media as “power media” because of its commerciality in state functions. It supposedly has the means and power to control whatever the government and state are up to. Media is often associated with “free speech”. However, the government and its right wings, controls and limits it. Some people argue that the power media is a spontaneous controlling power that expands the goals of the government and the state. The entertainment industry had also received harsh criticisms because of its negative implications and effects in cultural diversity and the society although this business is still patronized by millions.

Today, media has become interactive and more advanced, making the Internet an interactive medium of mass and public media on a wide scale. Often referred to as “networks of networks”, it totally established itself in all economic, business and educational activities. Everything in the Internet is becoming more and more accessible nowadays as people can now log on to the Internet for any information. Many workers for example, can now listen to the news through the Internet and play games online. People can do shopping even at home by just browsing on the different website that offers various products. Many educational institutions are now utilizing the Internet for educational purposes. A student can now do their homework and get a copy of class outlines even if they are not physically present in class. Moreover, they are able to post their projects and other activity schedules. The Internet has truly become a predominant instrument in mass and public media.

Even television business is changing constantly. Newer and much faster technology is emerging everyday and media is leveling up. Cell phones, personal computers, Broadband, cable, addressable advertising and much more are now shaping television. This is often referred to as an advanced media of media. News industries, international financing, banking and commerce are also dependents on the advancement of technology because they can get the information faster.  The procedures involved in these industries are much more efficient and effective with the use of these advances in media technology.

With the worldwide access of information on the Internet, transmission of data and information can be done in flash. Interconnected computer networks uses a standard Internet Protocol that consists of millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and governmental networks which carries information and services such as email, online chat, file transfer, and the interlinked web pages. It can address a global audience through huge level of web traffic that is relatively expensive at this period. Although the authenticity of the information contained in the web can sometimes be unreliable and in many cases self published, many users feel free to use the Internet as an effective means of product endorsement and advertising services. Customers can freely choose among the different options that are shown on the various websites. Advertisements for instance, became easy with the use of the Internet and advanced media.

When having a great publicity campaign, leading media groups and businesses often resort to media lists in order to have an effective and successful well-crafted strategy in marketing their product or services. A media list customizes and carefully researches lists of media professionals such as reporters, producers, and editors who can cover stories that are specifically related to industry, expertise or target markets of a particular product or services. Doing this may mean extensive research on the cover topics in their area of interest or expertise, building relationships and refreshing regularly lists that carries good media relationships and personalizes press materials that will get you the right people. For example, if you are a consumer’s affairs expert, you should build your media list that includes the right people in your line of business and not the ones who have no relevance to your line of work. To be able to maintain a good list, it is advisable to reward and compliment your people on your list so that your business can achieve more referrals.


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