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Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 8.5.2012



The recession takes its tolls on the nation’s entire population but it can really affect online businesses.  The end of this recession does not seem to be within sight and stronger marketing measures must be taken to keep an online business to continue to make sales.  A strong place to start a marketing campaign is with search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization, or SEO, will maximize the Internet’s awareness of your business’s website.  They say that desperate times call for desperate measures.  Well, these are desperate times.

There are two types of SEO companies.  One type is the kind that takes shortcuts and tries to deceive search engines with tricks.  While these may be desperate times, going this route with these deceiving SEO companies is a drastic way to go and one that will not help you in the long run.  Therefore, you will want to go with the other type of SEO Company; the one that follows the guidelines set out by the search engines.  Not only will you be following the rules, but this way of doing SEO is going to produce results that will last a much longer time than the other way.

Before getting started with any SEO company, have a long conversation with one of the company’s SEO consultants.  You will want to be comfortable with talking to the SEO consultant Los Angeles because he or she will be your consultant and partner in helping you to reach your SEO goals.  The consultant and you will be talking extensively on goals, business plans, and what you want to accomplish through your partnership with the SEO Company.  You will also get a better understanding for what the company can do for you and it will help to clear up any questions you may have before getting started.

Getting Started with SEO:

  • Use natural links – use links that are relevant to your topic to generate more traffic.
  • Have quality content – the content should have important information so the reader gets something out of it.
  • Use searchable keywords – insert the right amount of keywords in the high quality content.  Use words that people will search for and that relate to the topic.  Just make sure not to stuff too many keywords in to the content.

The consultant can help you to come up with a plan that will utilize SEO tactics that are best suited for your business.  An SEO company is pretty much a type of advertising agencies in Los Angeles.  In other words, SEO is online advertising.  Advertising can take many forms to include banner ads, articles dedicated to your business, links on other websites, and a lot more.  A combination of one or more of these techniques can help to increase awareness of your business on the Internet.  The SEO consultant will help you to choose where to get started.

Once you layout a game plan, the SEO company will take matters in to its own hands and follow out your instructions.  A good SEO company will be able to both follow the search engine guidelines and provide results. Good SEO tactics will also be long term.  Many “bad” SEO companies get caught by the search engines; consequently, their rankings become worse than before they started using the unlawful SEO tactics.  Therefore, their effects of SEO are not long term.  By following the guidelines, good SEO tactics provide both the results and the long term effect.

When trouble rolls in, like a recession, you have to put more effort in to hold it off.  In this case, that means a stronger marketing strategy.  SEO is your weapon to keeping the recession from hitting your business any harder than it already has.

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