Advertising Agency Los Angeles Creativity, Research, Culture: The Focus of the 2010 Milan Conference

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date: 7.11.12

Edoardo Brioschi reported on the first European Conference of the American Academy of Advertising that was held in Milan, Italy in June 2010.  Out of all of the topics, the three main issues were creativity, research, and culture.  These are issues that have been investigated in Italy and it is widely believed that it is important to understand their overall importance for communication management today.

Strategic factors in advertising creativity and effectiveness that are used as a choice of communication  Los Angeles advertising agencies have been examined through research carried out in Italy.  These strategic factors represent the aspects of communication from internal to external are considered fundamental in managing communication activity by advertisers in any advertising agency Los Angeles.

Two key factors in the background development of creativity and effectiveness are the environmental knowledge especially of the customer and timeliness.  The environmental knowledge includes the strategic experience in communication management and the ability of brand building throughout communication.  Timeliness includes responsiveness and pro activity of communicators towards change and innovation.

Over more than a decade, the Research Laboratory on Business Communication of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan have carried out extensive research the various areas of communication that have involved more than one thousand companies from different sectors.  The research conducted shows how companies require a large amount of effort at different levels to achieve an evolution of communication that is appropriate to present time and the challenges faced.  Research plays a central role in the evolutionary effort of business communication.  Perfection and innovation in business communication apply worldwide, not only in Italy.

Brioschi writes that one of the main problems that is affecting businesses in the field of communication is a need to develop their managerial culture.  A survey that was conducted revealed that the major strategic problem facing companies was the need to overcome the backward mentality of top level management.  Brioschi states that “Communication is a problem of culture even more than of economic resources or operative ability.”  So central communication related problems, in Italy and other European countries, still boil down to culture.  The approach that communication takes is to emphasize unity of a company.  This is how it endures in time, its devotion in every activity, and pursuit of general objectives.

The AAA European Conference offered opportunity for wide ranging discussions due to a wide range of academics from many countries along with top managers from renowned Italian companies, UPA, the Italian Association of Advertisers which represents about 600 companies.  The conference also made meaningful contributions in creation and dissemination of value through transformation into objective value perceived by the market, adaptation to the market along with fulfillment of its needs, development and enhancement of relations with various stakeholders, and development of the patrimony of the intangible assets of a corporation.

Also discussed were the opportunities, advantages and disadvantages, obstacles stemming from the integration of communication tools, and problems of measuring effectiveness of communication programs implemented.  This conference was a unique opportunity for advertising.

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