Advertising Companies in Los Angeles and the Student Advantage

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.23.2012



Despite being a tough economy and a “bear” market, advertising companies in Los Angeles, as well as marketing firms, are perceived as suffering from a downward spiral in their businesses. Student of advertising may see entering the workplace as a terrifying prospect with little opportunity. However, young would-be advertisers should fear not, as those proclaiming the “death of advertising” are operating on an oft-made misconception. As a matter of fact, the good new is that young students of advertising will have an advantage in the marketplace upon graduating.


The advertising and marketing worlds aren’t on a downturn, but they are simply changing, and drastically at that. But that doesn’t mean we can’t approach the challenges that these changes bring with a full force, thanks to the just-emerging advertisers of the next generation.


One reason why advertising students are now at such an advantage in the job market is that they grew up on the cutting-edge technology that the older advertisers probably know less about, as realized by marketing companies Los Angeles.


With relatively new technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, businesses are more and more gravitating towards a web-based method of communication. Students of advertising aren’t just learning this technology, but use it themselves on a regular basis. Whereas veteran advertising are just learning this technology, the younger generation is on board and are already ready for the next step: strategizing a marketing campaign with new media technology. Advertising agencies will thus continue to reach out to candidates who are more experienced with social media tools.


What also puts younger students in an advantage is the shift in focus. In the present time, advertising has changed in accordance to the shifting attention of its audience. The audience that consumes the most media and advertising are youthful, and thus advertisers and marketers often work to attract this demographic to buy into their brands.


Besides, who better to sell to the youth market than youth advertisers? In this sense, this is also why students are at an advantage with coming up with fresh, original and creative material that will also appeal to the youth audience. New and original content, of course, has always been one of the biggest concern for any and all advertising firms Los Angeles, yet losing touch with your target audience will not foster much creativity or great ideas. Students of advertising, on the other hand, can offer a fresh approach, enthusiasm and a clear eye to a project.


Yet another way in which younger talent is at an advantage is that, straight out of college, their services will be less expensive for agencies. This is especially advantageous during rough economic times, despite the advertising agency’s generally sometimes “ageist” approach.


In order for your advertising students to keep up with pacing of the advertising and marketing worlds after college, it is important to give them an extra edge over the competition. Keep your curriculum up to date.


Despite the emergence of new media platforms and new ways of communicating, one thing that hasn’t changed about advertising is that brands still need to get a message out to the masses, a task that young advertising graduates should be able to accomplish.

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