Advertising Company Los Angeles Ethnic Images and Animal Imagery

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.27.2012


Since the dawn of advertising, imagery has been vital to how consumers view products. A wide variety of studies have been performed to examine the effect of specific images in advertising and how images can convey a message.

The medium is just as important as the message, as once said by a wise advertiser at an advertising company Los Angeles. Advertising firms have studied two important aspects of images in advertising, which will be covered here: First, how portraying different ethnicities alters consumer reaction and positive results; and secondly, the role of animals in advertisements.

Consumers have a long-standing history of being drawn to animal mascots and depictions of animals in ad campaigns. Hence, studies have been performed on animals and their role in advertisements over time, as well as their effect in digital advertising Los Angeles. Advertising research facilities recognized that animals are also frequently used in print and television ads.

One such study attempted to see how depictions of animals in ads have changed over time due to social, economic, and political changes. The study has found that different animals showed dominance at different times, as well as the symbols used.

At times, themes altered between an economic or political interpretation to being more about the social climate. For instance, in the early 20th century, animals in ads portrayed strength that must come with the taming the wild frontier, while individualism was more emphasized in later years. Overall, animals in print ads do indeed change, but only in accordance to the times and the specific animal used; also, these changes are accomplished differently from each other.

Los Angeles online marketing firms have also attempted to study ethnicity and product interaction. How involved would a person of specific racial heritage be to a product that showcases a character or model of their common heritage? The inquiry of a model’s ethnicity on the effectiveness of the ad has led to studies investigating such effectiveness.

For one such study, the effectiveness of Hispanic-targeted ads was studied on Hispanic test subjects. Researchers showed Hispanic test subjects random magazines of their choosing. In the magazine were various print ads with Hispanic models, posing with a variety of different products, including “high involvement” products like cars and watches) and “low involvement” products like shampoo and soft drinks.

The results of this study are important, as it will lead advertisers to determine where to efficiently allocate financial resources for ethnic marketing. The study indeed showed that exposing Hispanic signifiers to Hispanic test subjects would generally bring about a favorable result for low-involvement products. The efficacy of high-involvement products, on the other hand, are questionable, since other cues, such as economic status, may be more effective in determining a product’s allure. It would thus be beneficial then, for advertisers to target Hispanic customers for more low involvement products, as it would appear to be a good investment.

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