Advertising methods generating website clicks and the downside of PPC programs, click fraud.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 7/31/2009


The Internet brought the world a new form of communicating, advertising and opportunities.  It has nurtured many entrepreneurs both young and old.  The Internet is responsible for sweeping the media market with a form of advertising that has never before been achieved in the history or the world.  Age hasn’t slowed the Internet down, as everyone young and old wants a piece of it and the profits to be made.


What was once foreign to most citizens of the world is now a common household knowledge.  The Internet, along with the knowledge of the Internet has come the existence of net entrepreneurs.  These are individuals and businesses that use the Internet to generate business or open, and run a business. Successful marketing can literally change one’s life, overnight.


Internet marketing is advertising geared to generate business through your website.  Everyone business owner is looking for the right advertising tools, and the most effective form or forms of marketing.  If you are a business owner, this can literally change your life.  Effective methods in advertising are many.  Using a combination of methods normally produces the best results.  When deciding that you are going to open the doors to the Internet, take the time to learn a little about the world of the Internet, before jumping in.


Running a successful Internet business or Internet campaign takes a well thought out strategic plan.  This will vary depending on what forms of advertising you use.  You may try a combination of advertising methods and find the success rate is not as you anticipated turning around and trying new tactics.  There are many professional services that are available that will guide you, or create a strategic plan for you.  If your pocket book can afford it, it is a great service to enlist.


When mapping out your marketing methods, concentrate on gaining visitors to your site or website clicks.   Without visitors clicking on your site, you have no Internet business and your rankings or position in the search engines will go down.  Something that you should concentrate on at all times.  A higher position means more exposure and interested prospects finding your site through search engines searches.  Placing ads, articles, URL submissions and directory submissions may also position you higher in the search engines. The key is to generate clicks.


A popular form of Internet advertising is Pay Per Click advertising.  With this form of advertising you pay every time your link is clicked.  Your ad will be placed on different sites and for every web site click that you receive; you will be charged a fee.  The webmasters that advertise your site will be paid a percentage of the clicks.  The downside of this form of advertising is that something called “click fraud” has surfaced.  This is a punishable crime and although not high in volume, it does occur.  Examples of this is an owner trying to ruin their competition by using up their advertising budget and continuously clicking on their ad, or webmasters trying to get a percentage of the clicks and clicking on the ad themselves or having friends click on the ad.


Other effective method in acquiring website clicks is through email campaigning.  This is a highly effective means of advertising.  You should receive a good response to your campaign by targeting your audience and creating good content in your ads.  This can be done by purchasing leads and through demographics, such as age group, area, interests etc.  There are many sites in which you can purchase leads and many sites that you can advertise to a defined group of people.  The content of your ad is extremely important.  This can make or break you.  If you do not grab the reader in the first one or two sentence you may lose them.  So, create content that grabs the attention of the reader. Make them interested in your product or service, leading to a click on your site.  If you are not seasoned in writing and just cannot come up with a good script, hire a professional.  There are many services out there that specialize in creating ad content for business owners.  This is typically affordable and can make a dramatic difference in your email campaign.


Forums are a great place to generate clicks and to make contacts.  Posting on forums can be somewhat personal.  The reader has the opportunity to respond to your post, and you have the opportunity to respond back.  This can be very positive in sparking interest to other readers, as readers like to read post that they see many responses to.  It gives them a sense of security about the product or business and often times leads them to invest the site themselves.


Social networks are not only a good place to advertise, they are an excellent place to make contacts.  Something that is necessary for every business.  Most social networks are free to join and something that every business owner should get involved in.  Exposure on the net means everything, and making contacts leads to customers, not to mention the insightful marketing tips and information that you may pick up through other business owners and net marketers.


When advertising, an ad tracker should be placed on each of your ads.  This is a simple tool that will tell you where each click to your site came from.  When using a combination of marketing methods, this is necessary.  There are many sites that offer this service for free.  A simple search engine search will yield many results.


Every visitor generates a web site click.  Use a combination of marketing methods and make the most out of each campaign.

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