Advice for Search Engine Optimization Promotion on Conversion Rates

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.26.2012




Whatever kind of website or business you’re running, many search engine optimization promotion experts would agree that conversation rate optimization stands as one of the most profitable kinds of optimization there is. For those who are rather unfamiliar with conversion optimization, it may be daunting to think about where to start. There’s more than one way to approach conversion optimization, and a few tips can help get you off the ground running.


Be sure to have the tool that matches your business needs. Different conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization promotion tools often vary wildly in terms of testing methodology, performance, services and customer support. They also vary in price, anywhere from expensive to free.


It’s helpful to first look at acquisition channels to optimize. Acquisition channels will give you the fastest results and give you the first peek at how effective your conversion optimization will be for the rest of your site.


Take a look at success in both lift and in shift. Lift is the sustained increase in incremental growth. If at any point there’s a disruption in this sustained profit growth in other areas in your site, then there’s a shift somewhere in your site.


While launching your conversion campaign, think about the customer. Think about the customer’s goals on your site, not just your own. Do you think your customers can easily complete the tasks you’re requiring them to complete? You should have realistic expectations and shouldn’t expect all customers coming to your site to be as competent as you are.


If your competition is ranking better than you are, it would help to take notes and see precisely what they’re doing right. No two sites are going to perform the same, no matter how similar the web design or services are.


Research test groups can help you determine how effect your website and conversion rates are. There are free online research tools available, along with paid focus groups. Having normal users give direct feedback on your site can be infinitely helpful in getting you on the right track.


Recommending products and services of other companies can go a long way, as those businesses can pay your back the favor, both in earned links and a boost in conversion rates.


Customers will use the search function on your website as a last resort to finding the information they need. If they can’t find it, then they’ll likely leave you site for a competitor who can fulfill their needs. This is why optimizing search queries on you site is so important, even though it’s probably the last place you’d probably ever consider optimizing. Optimize for common search queries that produce no results. Also consider common misspellings and synonyms for optimization.


If you’re going to put up testimonials on your site, you better make sure you live up to customer expectations. Although having professional affiliations and testimonials attached to your business is a huge plus, that means you have to deliver every time consistently to future clients. Also make sure you get written approval to use an affiliation’s logo so you don’t ruin into legal trouble.


These are just a few tips to help you get started on your journey towards optimizing the conversion rate on your site.

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