Affordable SEO And LinkedIn Etiquette

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.27.2012


Social media sites are used in marketing strategies by affordable SEO companies to help grow a business’ targeted audience.  What about the social media sites geared toward the professional?  LinkedIn is a social media site that is only for professional use and the etiquette is a little different than other social media sites.

  • Since it is a social site and business oriented, you need to be careful what you put out there.  You should only do what you feel comfortable doing in person.  Don’t let the computer screen allow you to forget that there are people who can see what you put out there and they are fellow professionals, not your best friend.  You should always be polite and professional.
  • When trying to establish a connection try to add a personal touch to the message/request.  Don’t just send the default.  You do not have to write a novel, but a friendly “hello,” along with why you’d like to connect is nice.  Remember to also say, “Please” and “Thank You,” this could go a long way.
  • You should not “spam” your connections’ feed with your status updates.  If you are posting status updates every few minutes you are probably irritating those who see them.  Try spacing them out throughout the day.  Also keep your Twitter account separate from LinkedIn.  It may save time, but it can definitely annoy your connections to see all those updates.
  • Everyone wants to be recommended to others, so try to write good recommendations for someone for something they’d be good for.  It is a great way to build social capital. Don’t spam requests for recommendations, just pick a few who share your views and will most likely write an excellent recommendation for you.


  • Keep your LinkedIn profile a professional one.  That means do not post vacation pictures, whiney posts about what’s going on in the world of “you,” and drama.  Remember this is business network, post discussions, events, and opportunities that reflect just that.  Try not to make your account all about “you,” it’s about establishing connections with other businesses.  Think about what you can offer your contacts, instead of always asking for things that only help you.
  • LinkedIn is not about having the largest network of connections; it’s about making lasting helpful connections with people.  Don’t go around requesting strangers for an add.  That devalues your real connections and unnerves those you are requesting.  Try to only add those you know in person or have conversed with online.  Always write back those that contact you.
  • When requesting those you know, remind them of who you are and how you met.  Make sure your profile photo is a business appropriate photo.  You don’t want a photo that isn’t you or is of you at the beach, which sends the wrong message.
  • Avoid conflict.  Try not to get into fights on the open forums.  It reflects poorly upon you; try to always remain a positive force.  Always remember to follow the rules in the groups you join.

LinkedIn can be a powerful social networking tool, but it is, perhaps, the social network with the most rules of etiquette.  When using LinkedIn, it may feel like you’re following more social rules than Emily Post ever mandated, but after awhile, it becomes second nature and offer you an affordable SEO platform for sharing your blog posts with your professional network.

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