Affordable SEO Guidelines For Small Business

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer


Date: 11-Aug-2010


Affordable business SEO small services have been devised to give the clients’ websites a winning edge. It reveals a site’s potential and shows the means by which the Internet marketer can take full advantage of the website. Nowadays, millions of Internet users are daily searching for information on products and services. It would, therefore, be wise for the site owners to realize the potential profits that could be made through improved search engine placement of website pages.


Affordable business SEO small is the process of improving a website’s ranking in search engines for specific keyword phrases. The primary objective of affordable SEO services for small businesses is to enhance the site’s position in search engine ranking page as this aspect generates income for the company. Web clients should not ignore the potential profits derived from SEO services for small businesses and look at it as an investment and not as an additional expense. These services are affordable, which allows the organization to obtain profitable returns on investment (ROI).


Such SEO practices use the tried and tested “white hat” methods during the optimization process. These techniques perform at optimum levels and have been designed to offer small businesses more success. They have, accordingly, been priced keeping in mind the cost constraints of small organizations. SEO firms catering to mid-sized businesses such as home based small enterprises do not intimidate the establishment. On the contrary, it is advantageous for such enterprises as they have been designed to meet the needs of newly established home based businesses and small companies.


Websites need to be structured for search engines and at the same time should be popular among other websites. This implies that the site owner’s web pages should reflect the keyword phrases that are being marketed in order to attract incoming links to the site from other websites. Affordable business SEO small is not a one-step process. It involves continuous efforts to keep pace with the constantly evolving strategies of search engines. This would enable the site to present a competitive and winning edge over rival sites. It is an assured way of tracking competitors’ sites to ascertain their activities. An instance being if the competitor’s site is increasing 20 web pages, or if they introduce new interactive tools on their websites, then the site owner should improvise the website similarly just to maintain parity with the competition.

For best results:


  • Select a keyword phrase that is related to the product which is earmarked for advertisement.


  • Do not select meaningless keyword phrases.


  • “Cheap dedicated web hosting” is acceptable while the phrase “hosting web dedicated cheap” is not acceptable.


  • Client’s featured listing appears in search results when searchers perform an exact search of client’s keyword or phrase. Plurals and case sensitivity of keywords needs to be ascertained, especially words like “web master” and web masters” are treated as different keywords.


  • Avoid using any non-alphanumeric characters in keyword selection. Letters and numbers are fine but hyphen, period, apostrophes, quotation marks, extra spaces and other special characters should not be used as they “kill” client’s listing to appear in search engines. Example – “Online card games” is acceptable and not “Online *card* games”.


  • The recommended selected keyword phrase length should be restricted to a well considered two or maximum three-word phrase. Recent studies have revealed that surfers use multiple word phrases when performing searches on the Net. To determine which keywords are most likely to be searched to use the available tools or Word Tracker Tool.


Search engines constantly change their guidelines and compare websites as well as keep track of modifications instituted in a website. Any alteration in the site indicates that the business is active and the search engines want such active websites on the directories as these are believed to be trustworthy and expanding business sites. Affordable business SEO small implements certain strategies like:


  • Keyword search based on a comprehensive questionnaire.


  • Optimizing website pages through selection of right keywords and their placement in appropriate areas, adding to anchor text linking, clearing HTML coding and adding “call-to-action” throughout the website pages.


  • SEO link analysis for evaluation of a website which is better informed than others.


The overview signifies the importance of affordable business SEO small, whichis a sound investment and triggers a successful marketing campaign.

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