All Successful, Viral, Free, Related Marketing and SEO Campaigns For Business

Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009

If you want to promote your business then you should understand that all campaigns do something to help your business out. If you try you can really make a great campaign that people will remember. Having a good campaign idea isn’t everything. You need to plan out how you will use your idea before you go any farther. There has been planning involved for the all campaigns ever created. All campaigns need hard dedicated work towards taking your idea and marketing it. If you have a great idea you need to use it effectively or else it would have been for nothing.

Planning any number of SEO campaigns take very careful moves. You need to understand what it is you are trying to do with your SEO campaign. The first thing you do for your SEO campaigns are to set goals for your campaign. They can be big goals and small goals. Asking yourself how you want your SEO campaigns to succeed will help you determine your goals. Getting together your SEO campaigns team can depend on who you have working for you such as being in a small business with only a few employees or having a big business with a lot of employees in different departments. Figuring out who your target audience is an important step in SEO campaigns because if you are creating something for a younger crowd and aim it for the older crowd you won’t have very good results. If you design SEO campaigns a good thing to know is who your target audience is such as children, boys or girls and adults, men or women. Starting slowly with your SEO campaigns will give you a better result instead of rushing in and going too quickly resulting in losing customers. Paying attention to your results is extremely important so that you can see what it is you have accomplished. With these results you decide what you need to fix, if anything, and continue marketing your SEO campaigns.

Related marketing campaigns are composed of several different campaigns that are in some way related. Examples of related marketing campaigns are the commercials and advertisements that have more than one related product on the television. Take for instance the marketing campaigns for car dealerships that sell trucks, SUVs, vans, cars, sports cars, etc. The dealer is marketing their vehicles of several different types to the customer. They have what they need and are creating a market for having a place that someone can come to and decide between what they really want to buy. Another form of related marketing campaigns are when you base your campaign off of a product related to your business. You could have a website that sells glue and your related marketing campaign could be paper and scissors. What these three things have in common is that they are school materials for classrooms. Some related marketing campaigns can be ones such as this that will group a few products together to strengthen the sale pitch saying that you can’t have one without the other and you need both.

Cause related marketing campaigns such as breast cancer awareness campaigns can make an impact for the association. Many companies will work together to come up with related marketing campaigns for cancer, AIDS or HIV donations. Doing this teamwork will show the public consumers that the companies care about what is going on and can put their differences aside to help those in need.

Everyone likes free campaigns that are useful for them. Free campaigns can be anything from a free iTunes music download to HP Software on HP’s website that the customer can download if they are already an owner of an HP product. If you go to Starbucks a lot, or if at all, you will notice on the counter near the cash register that there are free campaigns for music downloads on little hand held cards. You get “the pick of the week,” as they say. Endorsing a campaign such as this is a great idea because it brings in more customers for the business. Starbucks was very creative in using these free campaigns for the customer to bring them in and also keep them coming back because they knew what to expect the next time they came in.

HP is a very helpful company that uses free campaigns and has a web page that you can go to and download free software, such as printer software, for your computer. This is useful in more than one way. If you lose you’re CD that has the printer software for your computer all you have to do is go to the website and type in the printer series in the appropriate section and you will have the software downloaded and ready to use in just a few minutes for free.

Most free campaigns are good hearted. However, we do get some free campaigns on the internet that does more harm than good. So be cautious of any free campaigns that you don’t understand and ask an expert.

Successful viral campaigns need to be entertaining and engaging. The band Radiohead is a successful very well known band that thought out of the box and created one of the greatest successful viral campaigns ever. Radiohead made music history by creating a downloadable version of their new CD on their website. The website made the promotion that the visitor could download the CD for free. The only request from Radiohead was that the visitors donate a fair amount of money that they feel they should pay for the CD. They made about $9.6 million from doing this. The price the visitor paid depended on how much they wanted to donate. The average price that they paid for the CD was eight dollars. By using direct marketing Radiohead made a lot of money from their fans and didn’t have to worry about having to give anyone but themselves the money. The fact that they developed this new form of successful viral campaigns for their new CD went down in music history and created a larger fan base. Radiohead took the initiative to go back to the basics of selling CDs directly to the consumer. This viral campaign worked because as soon as one person told all their friends about it the whole world followed close behind. The word of mouth and mouse of this unexpected idea definitely got the attention of people.


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