An Appraisal On On-Line Marketing Agencies Strategies

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


On-Line marketing agencies implement innovative strategies that are measurable, cost-effective and help businesses of various sizes and dimensions. It has been revealed by various scientific studies that such marketing agencies bring instantaneous results to websites which follow their guidelines. They respond alertly when the market dynamics change or there is a change in company policy and campaign budget. It is this immediate and fast response which makes on-line marketing agencies effective, and they are cost-effective, too.


Such type of marketingagencies helps the medium and small-sized enterprises compete successfully against the larger MNC organizations. On-Line marketing agencies campaign has shown astounding results, especially for the niche markets. Pay-per-click advertising is the most successful Internet marketing solution, where the client only pays when a prospective web customer clicks on their website based upon keywords they have selected. This implies that keywords have to be specific as they are the primary tools for attracting web visitors to their site. Choosing the best set of keywords is the most vital aspect of such on-line marketing agenciescampaign. Considerable time and planning are required during a campaign setup so that the professionals of Internet marketing can research the best pay-per-click keywords for optimum web traffic.


Some quick hit tips for higher rank include:

  • Title tags.
  • Keyword rich anchor text.
  • External links containing keywords.
  • Well designed internal linking structure.

Planning and designing the individual websites navigation system helps in obtaining higher search engine ranking. Some of the strategies for higher ranking consist of:


  • Using text menus.
  • Doing intensive keyword research.
  • Optimizing menus for one’s keyword.
  • Strategic cross linking for maximizing rankings.


It is a good idea to select more specific keywords than general ones as such keywords attract a relevant set of visitors to the website and is also likely to be cheaper. After selecting the keyword phrases, the keyword matching option also has a major impact on client’s “click through rates”. The best criteria for managing any Ad campaign depends upon the market the client is interested in and the potential web visitors they would like to target. It is best to exclude certain keywords that bring in unproductive visitors. Though this may result in fewer numbers of web visitors but the conversion rate goes up. The target position in search engines is selected by on-line marketing agencies for managing Ad campaigns that yield better results.


Their in-depth knowledge and information about the different Internet market and their dynamics assist businesses to yield optimum results. Setting up such dynamic strategies requires time and dedication. The on-line marketing agencies are continuously improvising their techniques and services in order to create new types of advertising opportunities for websites. For improving Internet marketing, regular summary reports highlighting major issues are provided by the campaign managers. The professionals of on-line marketing agencies offer valuable guidance for overall betterment of Ad campaigns.


These managers select the optimum method for each client and improvise the packages in accordance with the evolving market dynamics. Their approach towards Internet marketing campaign is quite flexible. For few clients, on-line marketing agencies setup account and manage the entire process while for some clients; they just handle the keyword selection, bid prices, Ad copy and tracking analysis. The services also include central keyword selection, loading or editing the campaign data, monitoring the results and proactively making alterations to optimize the campaign settings.

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