An Experienced Los Angeles Website Design House Shares Some Thoughts on Strategic SEO Design

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.23.2012                                                                                           


Most website designers who have built a loyal following  not only understand the importance of a website’s visual appeal but also have a grasp on the role of good and effective search engine optimization, or SEO.  Web designing and SEO go hand in hand, since as much as a website’s look is critical to its success, its architecture is just as important.  The latter is what makes it both user and search engine-friendly, from its coding to its content and beyond.  We approached a well-known Los Angeles website design house with extensive California search engine optimization experience to summarize how web design and SEO work in tandem for the best possible traffic results.


The first point our experts made pertains to identifying the appropriate SEO strategy.  Web designers need to know what kind of site they are building (B2B, news/information, etc.); however, these details are equally relevant to SEO strategists, who always strive to keep usability in mind.  The way a person conducts a search is often dependent on why they are searching in the first place: are they making a purchase, researching a subject, etc.?  Such components all influence the SEO strategies, i.e. keyword placement and content management systems.


Next, the site’s architecture is planned and designed. This can be performed once the site’s content categories are clearly defined.  Topics generate keywords, and keywords influence SEO strategy; therefore, the site’s design will follow accordingly, with designers building out its navigation to its best advantage.


After the site’s purpose and vision have been identified, the next step is to construct the site for enhanced search engine optimization.  This step ensures bringing a site to its intended target audience and includes the use of tools such as Meta tags, URLs and of course, keywords.

Revisions are almost a given, but they are helpful in securing the final product for launch.


Finally, the mistake a lot of site owners make is in thinking that SEO strategy is a finite task.  As a site grows, so should its SEO.  Once a strategy has been implemented, results are gathered and measured.  This opens the door to a new round of SEO enhancement, which will require additional site development tweaking, continuing the cycle.  Subsequently, general website maintenance is always a necessary factor.


For example, the city of Los Angeles currently has a population of over three million people.  Considering that most of those inhabitants have internet access, Los Angeles website design houses are becoming increasingly important.  California search engine optimization has become a priority for many businesses based in the area.  As the population gets larger, the SEO needs increase exponentially.  Therefore, Los Angeles companies seeking SEO specialists must continue to utilize their services in order to continue reaching the demographic they target.


Concurrent website and SEO designing is also greatly impacted by increased social media integration.   As a site begins to increase its branding mechanism, SEO must be adjusted to reflect – or even better, optimize – the changes.  This can take the shape of anything from new file naming to redirects, new pages to directory revision, and more.  When SEO is refined, site construction must also be revisited in order to provide the most efficient architectural foundation.


Recognizing that web design and SEO strategies are interdependent is absolutely imperative to keeping a site dynamic and competitive.  Web designers are adding SEO to their list of services, knowing that by doing so, they are setting the stage for better user experience, more robust sites and happier clients.

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