An In-depth Analysis of Google Webmaster Central.

Google Webmaster Central is the platform which handles Webmaster resources and helps with the crawling and indexing questions of web owners. The suggestion enhances web traffic as well as connects the web visitors to their sites whenever users search for information. Much of the information on free sources as well as paid search can be found on Google Webmaster Central. It is an open forum where discussions and assistance on building search engine friendly sites and issues related to site crawling, indexing or ranking is deliberated. It also provides information on Malware and hacked sites where the forum suggests various means of preventing hacking and invasion of sites by Malware. Website owners facing the problem of verification of their website or those soliciting help from the tools and data available in Google Webmaster can avail of assistance on these issues from this resource based platform.


Google Webmaster Central helps in keyword research and exposes the nature of competition being offered by other online marketers. They assess valuable information like their competitor’s investment on specific marketing campaigns, campaign targets and the types of business optimization strategies being employed. The data  provided by Google Webmaster Central offers cross links that enables the web owner to approach such information like key phrase research and analysis, domain data inclusive of top keywords and top competitors along with category specific data. It also reveals information like average cost per click for a specific keyword, clicks per day, number of advertisers, cost per day and search results. It is also useful for detecting crawl errors and provides official news on crawling and indexing sites. This resource platform has been designed to assist webmaster, marketers and as well as millions of web owners who are interested in monitoring their Google websites.


Google Webmaster Central includes the official Webmaster Central blog, a discussion area and help center. Videos are displayed where an interactive platform has been developed to respond to various queries that have been invited from web users and owners. The “site performance” tool, introduced by Google in Webmaster Central, reveals the speed of loading web pages in relation to other sites. It also shows whether the site is getting progressively faster or slower with passage of time. The tool generates specific pages and their load time and also offers suggestions for improving those pages with a poor load time. Another interesting feature introduced by Webmaster Central is the specific user agent Googlebot – News in robots.txt file which excludes documents from being crawled or displayed in Google News.


The Webmaster Central archive houses all leading on-line publication covering the latest search engine news featuring in-depth analysis of products, technologies and search trends. Google Webmaster Central provides unlimited access to news and other current articles where exclusive videos, “webinars” as well as guidelines and comments from search experts on improving a website’s ranking is suggested. They deliver the most comprehensive educational and networking experience for the website owner who is new to on-line search marketing or an expert in this field.

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