An Over-view of Off-Page Optimization Tips.

Every webmaster should consider and master off-page optimization techniques to increase the overall readability and ranking of websites. This leads to Internet sales and on-line brand visibility as well as minimizes the search engine marketing budget. Some of the tips are:

01)      The global link popularity of website – This measures the volume of web pages linking to a particular site. All the top search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN take into consideration the quality and content of the links. Search engines believe that a website has relevant content to offer so as to attract quality sites linking to it.

02)      Linked texts of inbound links – Inbound links are generally links from other websites to a particular site. If numerous other sites link to that particular site, the search engine considers the site to be important. But it has to be noted that the quantity of links is not as important as the relevance of the linking page along with the link text used in the links. To attain a higher search engine ranking, it has to be ensured that the web pages linked to a particular site uses the search terms “key word phrase” in their linked texts. The more the number of links to a website containing the specific keyword phrases or even a part of it in the link text guarantees that particular website a high ranking on Google. However, it is recommended to use different but related keywords in the link text. In the event of all links to a website using exactly the same link pattern, then chances of Google lowering the website search engine ranking is high. This trend is considered as “unusual linking patterns”.

03)      Links from social networks – Such link types play an important role in SEO processors. On social network sites, web visitors normally decide the websites which are most popular. This suggests that a website’s popularity on social network site can not be easily influenced. Based on this assumption, search engines trust those websites that are more popular on social network.

04)      Server speed – The websites are more popular have speedier server response times compared to the smaller and less important sites. Normally, the search engines have the capacity to index more pages from the faster websites.

05)      Server availability – The most popular websites have 24×7 server availability compared to smaller and unimportant sites. Additionally, most of the search engines index more pages from those websites where the server has up-time of 99.7%.

06)      Search engine submission – It has been recommended to submit websites to search engine personally and to avoid using submission software. Some free submission sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN are preferred for their authenticity and safety records.


Other off-page factors in SEO depend on enhancing link popularity which increases the website’s position in the search engines. Also, listing the website in major directories like Yahoo and Open Directory as well as industry specific regional Directories are recommended as good off-page optimization techniques ensure higher search engine ranking.

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