An Overview on Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster tools are provided for Webmasters and is readily available free of cost. It enables the web clients to view their sites as Google sees it in order to identify the problems the search engine face while crawling a site. It is a platform for exchanging information that would help in improving a site’s visibility in Google’s search results.


The Webmaster tools help in locating and indexing the client’s website in search engines.

The most useful Webmaster tools are the following :

  1. Page Checker – This tool penalizes websites that contain duplicate or similar content in their web pages. The tool identifies the similarity as well as the percentage of the same version between two pages of a website.
  2. Search engine spider simulator – This technique is utilized to simulate how a search engine views the contents of any web page. Simultaneously, it also displays the hyperlinks that are crawled by search engine when it visits a specific web page.
  3. Back link Anchor Text Analysis – This tool detects the quality of back links that assists a web page in their ranking status in search engines. It not only determines the back link of a website but also views the link text used by the back link to get linked to the client’s website.
  4. Back link builder – This feature enables the web browsers to develop quality back links.
  5. Keyword density checker – Keyword density is measured as the percentage of frequency of keywords in the text in context of the whole web page. The tool crawls the URL and extracts text in a similar way as a search engine operates. It removes stop words and analyzes the density of keywords.
  6. The domain statistic tool – This enables the web client to gather all types of statistics or information pertaining to a competitor’s domain.
  7. Domain age tool – This is used to ascertain the approximate age of a website on the Internet. Older domains get a more favorable ranking in the search engine results page.
  8. Keyword play ground – This tool helps in identifying the optimum key phrases and reports on its monthly search estimates. The website keyword suggestion tool determines the website theme and provides keyword suggestions as well as keyword frequency estimates. The keyword rich domain suggestion tools organize keyword rich domain names while the URL rewriting tool converts dynamic URLs into static HTML URLs.


When the management buys a Content Management System, the website owner has to guarantee that the system creates pages and links which search engine can crawl. The basic quality tools suggested by Webmaster include making pages primarily for users and not for search engines and avoiding tricks to improve search engine ranking. Using unauthorized computer programs to submit pages or for manipulating ranking in search engines should be avoided. Other quality guidelines suggested by the Webmaster Tools covers non usage of hidden texts or hidden links, avoiding cloaking, not sending automated queries to search engines, not to load web pages with irrelevant keywords and refraining from creating multiple pages, sub domains or domains with duplicate content. Providing unique and fresh content would give users a reason to visit the site.

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