An Overview On Website Auditor

This is a unique tool which monitors competitive sites and exposes their behavioral traits. It is easy to use since the site owner has merely to enter the page URL and the site’s major keywords that immediately reveal the top ten competitor sites.  The Website Auditor allows the site owner to have a thorough knowledge of what search engines want to see on their sites. The cutting edge technology of this tool guarantees the first rank of any web page. The Website Auditor uses this technique to locate the prominent keywords used in search engines like Google. Going through the pages of top ten sites it becomes easier to identify what steps those sites have taken that ensure Google first page ranking. Once the tool is aware of the site’s appeal in reputed search engines, they would try to practice the similar methodology to attain higher ranking for their client site.


As soon as the search engine’s choice had been fully studied, it becomes easier for the website to be sure that every single line, words and links in the web page look exactly as the search engine wants. The on-line video of Website Auditor in action reveals how a website can be put on the first page of Google for some particular keywords.  The Website Auditor provides reports with optimization advice and presents all figures and values that are necessary for on-page optimization. It reveals the ideal keyword density and word count figure for the web page and allows the site owner to optimize the page title, headings or any other web page elements.


Any site owner who is oblivious of search engine optimization methods finds the tool extremely helpful that works as a professional optimizer. The annual optimization reports from this software tool inform the steps to be implemented to beat other Internet rival marketers. The optimization reports push the website high in Google. The tool provides all the requisite information on :

  • Keyword density and its prominence among top ten competitors.
  • Keyword density analysis for each HTML element.
  • Keyword prominence in page element.
  • Popular keywords and key phrases.
  • Key HTML elements using similar keywords or phrases to highlight the analyzed elements in the page source code.
  • Analysis of keywords density for the selected keyword phrases.


Website Auditor is compatible on Windows platform, Mac, OSS and Linux. The in-depth features assist more business owners to instantly get a grip on optimization in order to attain top ranking of the site. Similarly, the affiliate marketers, PPC marketers, bloggers, Webmasters and Copywriters would all benefit from the multi-farious aspects of this tool as it ensures consistent growth of on-line business. Website Auditor performs the ten most powerful traffic boosting features like :

    1. Shows how well the pages are optimized.
    2. Reveals how the top ten competitors attain their position.
    3. Reveals what exactly search engines look for in web pages.
    4. Guides site owners to successfully optimize their web pages.
    5. Reveals the key areas wherein to put the most valuable information in order to catch attention of web audience.
    6. Pinpoint those areas of the site which are not functioning properly.
    7. Provides solution to each problem.
    8. Assesses the efforts made by website owners.
    9. Emphasizes the procedures how a website would gain in ranking.
    10. Makes the website almost error free.


These superlative features of the tool is bound to create search engine optimized websites that would definitely acquire front-page ranking.

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