An SEO Los Angeles CA Writer Discusses How to Blog Like a Rockstar

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


The need for small businesses to blog is a necessity that goes without saying. But it’s not as easy as you think, especially if you want engaging, interesting content that your customers and potential customers will read and enjoy. Here are some quick tips on ways to blog like a rock star and get people to pay attention.

  • Write Engaging Headers
    Headline is where people make a decision on whether they’re going to read your blog or not.  Try to make sure that no matter what, your headline grabs your reader’s attention.
  • The First Paragraph
    The first paragraph needs to reel in your reader and inspire them to keep reading. But even still, you want to keep it simple. Interesting, but simple.
  • Write Short, Concise Sentences
    Smaller sentences stand out more than longer ones. They are easier to read and balances the mixed in longer sentences so implement shorter sentences throughout your blog.
  • Use Keywords Phrases
    According to SEO Los Angeles CA, search engines help others find your posts so you will want to use keyword phrases in your post and in the first three words of your title, which is taught in SEO classes Los Angeles.
  • Use Links
    Use a ton of links! Bloggers use links often; most of the time to related articles or similar blog posts, or even past blogs they have written. Links also help Google learn what your posts are about.
  • Use Bold Text and Italics
    When emphasizing a particular point, or if you want to draw attention to an important word or phrase, bold out the text or use italics in your blog.
  • Try to Only Use White Space
    Plenty of white space in your blog post makes it easier to read for visitors of your site.
  • Make Your Opinions Heard
    Never be afraid to voice your opinions when you’re blogging. If you know of affordable web design Los Angeles has to offer, you should say so. Your blog is where you opinion reigns supreme.
  • Use Lists
    Bullet points or numbered categories make your posts easy to scan (much like this article). Doing this will help ensure that your readers stick to the blog until the very end.
  • Talk to Your Reader
    As you are write your blog, empathize with your reader as if you were talking to one person face-to-face. You want them to feel as if you’re holding a conversation with them only.
  • Understand and Address Your Reader’s Problem
    A big reason for your blog is to help your readers solve some of their problems pertaining to your brand and expertise.
  • Try to Keep Your Blog Posts Short
    With the short attention spans for Americans today, you don’t want overloaded, long blog posts that will cause readers to exit your blog early. Hit them hard with content quickly. In and out.
  • Have Fun With Your Blog
    One of the most important purposes of your blog, is to have fun while you’re doing it. If you’re not having fun writing your blog, your readers probably won’t have fun reading it. So enjoy yourself and enjoy writing your blog!
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