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Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.24.2012


Google has added a new algorithm that targets low-quality websites and removes them from search results.  Google hasn’t quite explained what exactly they have considered good quality content.  But based on what an SEO services company knows about writing quality content, they have a good idea.  What does good quality consist of?

Well, poorly written content riddled with improper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, isn’t good content.  Good content also is not content that lacks any kind of new information and just instates old ideas and does not provide any kind of valuable information.  Stuffing the content with keywords is not good content, nor is writing content that is made to confuse the search engine spiders into ranking.

Google’s main concern is to have it’s search engine results pages (SERPs) contain the most relevant search results for it’s users.  The “Mayday” algorithm update had webmasters confused as to why their websites had lost rankings.  “Mayday” was created to determine the quality of sites and to locate the best websites that matched up to the long-tail keyword searches.  Good content naturally contains long-tail keyword phrases.

The next update targeted certain documents within websites or their on-page content.  This made it harder for spammy on-page content to get high rankings in searches.  The last change targeted sites who were content scraping, which is plagiarizing from other websites.

A lot of people in the search community believed that Google’s algorithm was created to target websites called, “content farms.”  These websites have low-quality content, lots of topics, and a huge amount of users.  Though that wasn’t intended, the idea of those websites being spammy for results is a long running debate.  Blekko, a new search engine, however announced that it was going to remove content farms from their index.  This meant sites like,, and were being removed from their search engine’s results all together.

The best SEO companies know that Google wants relevant content, quality content, and authoritative content.  Basically, Google doesn’t want sites showing up in a SERP that doesn’t offer the most relevant and high-quality content to the visitor.  They want authority websites to show.    There are several responsible for the quality of content being offered to searchers, search engines, those who hired the writers, and the writers themselves.

While spammers still exist, search engines need to step in to remove them.  Those that hire writers need to set standards with search engines.  Writers need to be sure that their writing is of good-quality.  It could be hard, since there is not a set of rules like there is in journalism.  To an extent, quality is in the eye of the beholder.

What determines good-quality vs. poor-quality is a mixture of human feedback and algorithm criteria.  So if your content is easily to read and understand, while keeping up with the latest information visitors are seeking, your website should be safe.  Discuss this with a SEO consultant to see if your content meets Google’s standards on quality.

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