Anchor Text Guidelines for Enhancing Page Rank.

This overview attempts to find the relationship of Anchor text link and page ranking. Anchor text is one of the primary features which have been incorporated into the relevancy determination index of a document’s ranking status. Page rank uses the link structure of documents in search engine database to influence the order in which documents are presented to searchers in the search results.


Page Rank identifies the existence of the links that contain text describing the destination web page of the link. It can be used for determining the relevancy of the destination web page when answering a particular query. Anchor text links provide one of the foundations of gauging page ranking.  Anchor Text Scores determine page importance but only after the Anchor text has been indexed. Personalized Anchor text score is one of the indices of determining page importance. Meanwhile, the page importance ranker computes the document’s page importance score which is possibly the document’s Page Rank. This is based on the Page Ranks of documents linking to that particular website. Other scoring systems include scores from another link analysis as well as page importance determination methodology. The links and text that have been extracted from pages are recorded to identify the source document, the target document associated with a link and the Anchor text associated with that particular link.


The concept behind computing personalized page importance scores is that it highlights the web page. It also matches the user-specific parameters which in turn enhances the downstream pages whose Anchor text is relevant and is similar to the content linked to those documents. The greater the number of relevant inbound links, chances of the website attaining higher page ranking is facilitated. In other words, the Page Importance Ranker boosts the page importance aggregate of documents of websites whose URL matches one or more of the user-specific parameters. Along with the URL the content of the page and / or the Anchor text content of links to that page also play a vital role in page ranking. This process requires that the Anchor text of the link to the page contains at least one query term from the search data or maybe the Anchor text contains all the terms of the search queries and is consequently bound to be ranked high within the search results.


Personalized Anchor text link is important for page ranking as the user who submitted the search query generates personalized link analysis (LA) scores for the source pages that correspond to each respective document (D1, D2, etc.) in the initial search results. The personalized LA scores for the source pages are summed to produce an Anchor text (AT) score for each respective document in the initial search results. Results are then ranked by a search result ranking and produce a set of final ranking scores of web pages.


Google is using this personalized Anchor text scoring to rank pages. Anyone viewing the document can easily see the relative importance of various links in the document. In addition, the search includes the Anchor text associated with back links to the page. Additionally, the engine can compare the search terms with a list of its back link document titles.

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