Anchor Text Link – A Definition with Explanation.

Anchor text is defined as a text that composes a link to subsequent web page or resource. Anchor text provides the user a topical as well as contextual description and details about the content of the link’s destination. Search engine algorithm holds anchor text in high esteem as the linked text is relevant to the landing page. The primary aim of search engines is to provide relevant search results and this facility is offered by anchor text. It is extensively inferred that strategic keyword placement in anchor text helps in improving search engine ranking. The terminology “link anchor” also refers to anchor text.


It is the quality of inbound links or back links that are used by Google to determine Page Rank.  When sufficient number of people link to a document using a similar phrase in the anchor text, Google invariably associates that phrase in the page as anchor text and creates the link that permits the users to search within the anchor text. For example, if the client’s web page is about Google, a link mentions “learn more about the subject”. This technique is extremely effective.


The best way of utilizing anchor link is to highlight relevant words or phrases. Using links to attract web traffic to web pages is an effective method but, according to suggestions, using too many links should be avoided. In the same manner over-using the terms “click here”, “read more” or “look at this” should also be avoided in anchor text links as the subject line must be sufficient to draw the readers’ focus. Website owners find the common words used in Anchor text beneficial as these terms display to them a clear picture about web users’ thoughts on the site. Manner in which different sites are linked to each other have considerable influence on web traffic since the link describes the site to potential web visitors. .


Quite often the question put forward is how one can go about hyper linking keyword phrases to obtain quality Anchor text link. People using words like “click here” – a good action phrase but does not create keyword relevancy or create text links to that specific web page. Internet marketers usually have a list of keyword phrases when they contemplate developing a website. It is mandatory to have a list of keywords if any website owner is interested in developing Anchor text back links.


Some of the suggestions that help in developing Anchor text links are :

  1. Hyperlink the website address to the website Anchor text phrase either in the resource box of any article which has been granted permission by the article directories or the website can hyperlink to keyword phrases.
  2. When initiating forum marketing, start a signature file and hyperlink text phrases in it. This is an ideal way to link to other web pages beside the home page.
  3. When posting blog comments in the name field, listing the keyword phrase performs better than personal details. When creating a blog post, putting the name at the bottom of the comment helps as this is permitted by the blog owner. This assists in developing a personal Anchor text back link.


Developing Anchor text links highlight any website business, boosts search engine ranking and significantly increases traffic.

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