Custom application development allows for companies to make the best use of the technology available for both mobile phones and web development. Internet technology and language has indeed come a long way since ten years ago, and this definitely shows inWeb Application Development. Web applications are tools which implement business strategies and policies for the use of not only the business itself, but for the users and data services. Many kinds of businesses require custom web application development. One example is a business-to-business (B2B) communication. Companies today want to do business with each other over private, secure lines and networks. Such networks wouldn’t even be possible without web application development. Any process, big or small, needs custom application development – from making a bank transaction to launching global web services, custom web applications are vital to the very infrastructure of many companies around the world. The Web application model works on three basic tiers: user services, business services and data services:

  • The user service is essentially the aesthetic gateway that connects a user to your business. The sorts of web applications involved in this likely run the gambit, from basic HTML to complex Java applets.
  • The business tier is the place where the first tier gets its information and business procedures. This tier will likely involve web scripting JSP/ASP/PHP, as well as server programming such as COBRA and PERL, which perform complex commands
  • The data service is the third and highest tier, which operates on all the “hard” information on your website, such as databases, file systems, data storage and writable media. In web applications, the third tier is most often useful as a database, where information can be stored and categorized.
  • App Development

Before you can begin your custom application development, your business needs to know what kinds of projects it wants to work on. Next, assess what kind of resources you already have at your disposal, as well as publishing capabilities and technical skills. Take the three tiers and consider what available resources can be assigned to which tier. The next thing you should think about it your budget. What kind of funds do you need to get this project off the ground, and can it be performed on your budget? When you’re just starting your web application project, envision the nature of the project and its practical uses before you think about budget or anything else. Let your mind wander and think of great custom application solutions for your company. In this stage, developers and managers come together on the assigned project and brainstorm, as well as establishing what goals must be achieved in order for the project to launch successfully. You should eventually be able to get clear documentation on what the application can achieve. After knowing what the application can do, formulate a plan to get it off the ground. How long will this take? What kind of scripting language is required, and what features should it include? These questions should be answered early in devising a plan. The Web developers and SEO experts at Sticky Web Media will assist you through all stages of the custom application building process, from brainstorming, devising a plan and launching developing, to testing it for stability and support.