Apply Site SEO Techniques For On-Line Businesses

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 01-Sep-2010


Site SEO radically increases the website’s conversion rates and enhances the web audiences’ satisfaction by creating a site that is appealing, attractive as well as search engine friendly. It allows website owners to try new headlines, images or text with the help of web-based systems. It also prints them to integrate different combinations to identify the best possible option that would lead to most conversions. This exposes the most suitable combination and elements which work best with users and can be made a permanent feature of the site. In this manner, the site owner can select the pages and content for testing. They can also test the ideas and introduce them to the web visitors.


Veterans of the industry are interested in on-line marketing strategies where factors governing traffic conversions are given prime importance. Site SEO by the powerful web tool Google Optimizer maximizes the conversion rate to result in more sales. The free testing and optimization tool allows enhancement of the value of the existing website and traffic without anyone expending a penny. The optimizer tool tests, optimizes and designs the site content. It also assists in speedy loading as well as increases the ROI irrespective of whether the person is a novice or a marketing veteran.


Internet marketing experts explain ways of setting up a site search program. By hooking on to Analytics program it is possible to identify what exactly visitors are looking for in the site and how it would facilitate the process of search experience. Some valid tips on improving ROI on Google listings by:


  • Identifying, optimizing and pruning the poorly performing keywords for both traffic and conversion-driven websites.


  • Setting up conversion tracking.


  • Tweaking bid price.


  • Tweaking keyword negatives.


  • Ad copy.


  • Landing page selection and landing page targeting.


The above are some of the ways of eliminating worst performing keywords.


For site SEO it is mandatory to have relevant content that converts visitors. The process is quite simple. Initially, the web pages and content are selected for testing where the web-based interface provides the content headlines, images or texts and the designs for testing. The optimizer tool displays the content and design alternatives to site visitors and, at the same time, monitors which combination leads to highest conversion rates. One can easily identify the necessary alterations required in the site to drive maximum traffic, and it becomes easy for site SEO programswith the Optimizer tool. The reports permit the site owner to access easily and incorporate the best combination. For the new websites which are optimized the landing pages could be made more creative to maximize response.


Site SEO drives in more conversion and revenue. Google has designed free tools that require minimal IT support and provide greater control to marketers. This tool is ideal for businesspeople as it helps them to be more focused since it reveals each aspect of the website to make the overall performance more effective.


Site SEO benefits marketers, Internet advertisers, publishers and web developers. The following benefits are:


  • Increases sales and conversion rates.
  • Improves landing pages.
  • Obtains leads.
  • Decreases cost per acquisition.


They offer a comprehensive solution that is customized and designed for clients dedicated to their industry’s betterment. The promotion services basically include a three-fold approach based on finding the right customers, setting up a pay-per-click account and continuously maintaining a successful marketing campaign. The first step revolves round knowing one’s competitors that involve in-depth competition analysis and research. The best site SEO advice is on how to stack one’s website against the competitors and provides compelling reasons to web visitors why they should patronize such optimized on-line sites.

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