Are Title Tags Still That Important? Local SEO Services Say “Yes!”

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.29.2012


If you ask any local SEO services provider to rate what strategies yield the best rankings, you can rest assured that each one will mention the importance of title tags.


When a company engages SEO marketing services to improve its traffic and, hopefully, increase conversions, a savvy provider will make sure that the client’s title tag – the words that appear in the clickable link on a search engine results page – is designed to carry the most potential for optimizing a site’s clicks.  A good title tag can quickly bring a site a flood of new hits, generating a broader audience and higher rates of business.


Since they’re so critical, it’s important to know what constitutes a successful title tag.  Local SEO services may test a few options to measure results, but generally speaking, there are basic methods that still work.  One is to make sure that a company’s name appears in the title tag.  Sounds obvious, right?  Still, it’s surprising how many otherwise talented webmasters forget this vital step.  Companies with name recognition are served best by this move, as users will often simply type in that name as a keyword when doing a search.  But lesser known companies can benefit as well, particularly if they are up and coming.  Listing a newer company’s name in a title tag can’t help but improve its name recognition.


But good title tags don’t stop at just naming a company.  For the best results, SEO experts will add a few keywords or phrases that add details about the company’s services, products, and even location.  For example, let’s think about how a newly established cosmetic dentist in Chicago – one who specializes in dental implants – can get noticed in a search.  If the dental practice is named Total Smile Cosmetic Dentistry, those words would naturally be included in the title tag, which might read like this:


Total Smile Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago


or even


Total Smile Cosmetic Dentistry – Chicago Cosmetic Dentists.


But to achieve higher traffic numbers, more specific details should be included:


Total Smile Cosmetic Dentistry – Chicago Cosmetic Dentists – Dental Implant Specialists.


By including a specific keyphrase like “Dental Implant Specialists” this new practice will quickly optimize its marketing plan and bump up its visibility among its target audience, gaining new clients in a snap.


Another good tactic is coordinating visible text copy with the title tags.   Review your text to identify some of the more relevant keywords and adapt them to your title tag accordingly; however, avoid lifting phrases directly from your pages.  It’s better to have your title tag stand on its own.


Finally, take the time to customize your title tag.  Otherwise, you might wind up with one that’s been generated by website content management systems or blog software.  This always yields redundancy, which is the worst thing when trying to implement SEO strategies.


So even though they’ve been around for as long as the Internet, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of a title tag.

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