Are traffic exchanges effective and do they work? A traffic exchange list

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Many people relate traffic exchanges and search engine optimization as going hand in hand.  They have long been a favorite of every marketer, especially that of the low budget and small business.  A traffic exchange is a great place to generate traffic at zero or little cost. A webmaster or affiliate can generate thousands of clicks to their site each week with minimal or zero cost.  A traffic exchange time consuming, but when on a low budget and trying to build search engine optimization, they are what many marketers look for.  There is no targeting your audience or costly campaigning.  It is just the simple submission of the webmaster or affiliates website and viewing other websites in exchange of having yours viewed.


Traffic exchange owners set a ratio for members or surfers in which they will receive “x” amounts of hits to their website in exchange for viewing “x” amount of sites.  The ratio is normally set at a 3:2 or 2:2 ratio for free members.  A member can upgrade for a few dollar a month and receive extra monthly credits and a 1:1 ratio maximizing the webmasters viewing efforts and time.


Do traffic exchanges work? Yes. They do.  Traffic exchanges are actually an excellent way to generate traffic to your site.   The number of hits a webmaster or affiliate can generate to their site depends on the amount of websites of other webmasters and affiliates that they view or whether they purchase extra credits to have their site viewed.  There are many ways to maximize your traffic exchange results and many writings about how to do so.  One such writing is the deadly mistakes of traffic exchanges.  These are useful tips for the webmaster utilizing a traffic exchange to generate traffic to their site which the webmaster will find useful.


Are traffic exchanges the best way to generate traffic?  There are many outstanding ways to generate traffic on the World Wide Web.  A traffic exchange or exchanges are an excellent way to generate traffic to a website. A webmaster can be guaranteed “x” amount of hits for “x” amount of viewings and they will be rapid.  Typically the credits earned are used within the same day.


A traffic exchange used with a combination of advertising methods will be useful.   While you may choose to target your audience which is the most useful form of advertising with such methods as email campaigning and AdWords a traffic exchange would fit in well to generate clicks to your site.  The traffic exchange is also used for site promotion as other marketers are often times interested in new ideas and opportunities.


Finding the best traffic exchange will depend on what you want in return from the traffic exchange.  If you are seeking site promotion and to generate clicks to your site you will want to use the manual traffic exchanges.  However, if you are strictly interested in hits to your site you will want to go with the auto surf.  The auto surf traffic exchanges are traffic exchanges that require no human intervention and will view sites in an automatic fashion for the surfer allowing him to do something else while the sites are being viewed.  A list of traffic exchanges can be found through a search engine search allowing you to know the “hottest” on the net as well as criteria of the traffic exchange, ratio, members’ comments, etc.  This is a great way to learn a little about each traffic exchange.


Most traffic exchanges have incentives for members to join.  This will include credits to the member and sometimes upgraded memberships.  Traffic exchanges build rapidly and one day may have but a few members and the next have hundreds.  Successful traffic exchanges are not only managed properly but promoted properly.


There are many marketers that vow that the traffic exchanges are the best form of advertising to generate traffic to your site.  This is mandatory as generating traffic leads to an increase in the search engine rankings for the webmaster.


Being a traffic exchange member is like joining a community of your own.  Many traffic exchange owners are very involved with their members and promote member to member association.  This is often done through blogs which are kept for the site, contests and promotions, and weekly newsletters to all their members.  This is a great involvement for webmasters as other webmasters become interested in you and you have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of other marketers’ successes and failures.  What works for others often times will work for you and on the Internet, this is very important.


Combined with the right advertising methods traffic exchanges may be one of a webmasters or affiliates best weapons in generating traffic.  The concept is simple.  View websites and have yours viewed in return. It is time consuming but even the tedious chore of viewing sites can be diminished with a few techniques that many traffic exchange members are utilizing.  There is different software which will allow the webmaster or affiliate to view multiple traffic exchange ads or websites at a time, maximizing their efforts and increasing their credits earned per viewing time.  It is basically the concept of opening multiple sites at once and viewing them at the same time.  This may sound a bit deceitful but it is productive.


Adding traffic exchanges to your list of successful campaigning is not a bad idea.  Traffic will be generated and results will be achieved.  You site literally could go from the bottom of the charts to the top of the charts within weeks.  Persistence, consistency and dedication are the key.  Do not give up and continue to surf.

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