Article Writing and Submission.

Article writing is an important aspect of any website as people visit a site and stay attuned only when they find the content and information satisfying. Merely having the best design for the website is not the main criteria as special attention has to be paid to the website content so as to provide relevant information to the visitors. The exclusive articles are submitted in well known directories which ensure maximum exposure to a website. Highly relevant articles increase the website ranking as it acquires top most placements in search engines. This derives more sales and hastens the link building process. The high quality web content is usually well formatted as per the requirements of SEO.


The exclusive directory submission of articles helps to guarantee the website’s position in the relevant category of web directory. A proactive submission plan increases the link popularity of the website and may show that an individual’s website has attained the top notch position in search engines. Writing content rich articles and distributing the articles to high quality article directories are beneficial as thousands of web users visit article directories daily in search of relevant and useful information. Whenever the visitor reads any article and clicks on the link to the website, which is denoted in the resource box of the article, it implies that more traffic is being attracted to that particular website. Simultaneously if the article is sufficient interesting and well written on an exciting topic, the visitor tends to add the article in their website along with the resource box. This sort of inbound links ensures that a particular website gets heavy exposure with lots of back links.


The above fact reveals that effective article submission is vitally important for maximum exposure of a website. Hence it makes more sense to distribute articles to maximum number of directories in order to obtain high quality traffic to the website. This builds the brand equity of individuals, their businesses and highlights the business acumen of the clients. It also brings in overwhelming traffic as soon as the articles are chosen for reprints. This leads to quality and productive web traffic who, at a later stage, can be converted to sales figures. Article submission is normally done manually as many article directories do not use automated software. Search engine submission is also considered a great way of promoting a website. It basically informs the search engines about the existence of client’s website. Normally the articles are submitted to reputed and reliable search engines which are not spam sites.


Directory submission is an excellent way to increase the back links of a client’s. The articles should normally be submitted to SEO friendly directories. The guidelines ensure that the websites are submitted in the right category where page rank and other useful information needs to be considered prior to article directory submission. Article submission is the best way to increase back links to a website and is one of the methods of obtaining individual website’s recognition globally by search engines such as Google and others. It does not merely imply writing effective and appealing articles it is also about the way these articles are displayed to the world with link backs to individual website.

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