Ask Search Engine, Website Traffic and the Marketing Firm to take you to the Top.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

From the beginning existence of the Internet the public has been interested in marketing.  It does not require a degree or for one to be a business person.  It only takes an interest and willingness to learn the marketing media of the World Wide Web and an investment of time.


The World Wide Web is filling up with businesses along every industry.  Selection of the industry is important, but too is the interest and belief in what you chose to promote.


Once you’ve taken the plunge into Internet marketing you will discover the world of the World Wide Web.  It is exciting and the marketing media is like adrenaline.  You can deal with every corner of the globe.  The opportunity is tremendous.


Internet success will not happen overnight, but through educating yourself and investing your time it will happen.


There is much for the marketer to know from creating a website to marketing it.  Research will be your prime objective to ensure your future success.


Website design is something that you may choose to have a professional create.  Especially if you have a business that you are promoting that has many pages of information or products. In cases such as this it is a good choice to add your own website search engine to your site.  If you are a new business this will be viewed as projecting or looking into the future.  This will improve your site navigation and the convenience for your website visitor.  It will allow your visitors another way of locating items on your website, thus increasing the odds of a sale and the visitor finding your website convenient and helpful.  This often times results in a visitor bookmarking your site and becoming a return customer


PHP and Perl search engine scripts have two types of website search engine scripts.  One searches your site for the visitors request when he invokes the search engine.  The other is an index of your site and only allows searches to the index when your visitors use your search engine.  The first is the easiest to configure, but slows down as your site grows.


Installation of your own website search engine script has advantages:


  1.   Customizing your results page is one.
  2.   There are no third party advertisements; you can re-index your site as many times as you

need to.  Disadvantages are you need Perl or PHP support on your web server.


  1.  You have the option of using a free or commercial third party search engine hosting

service as well.  With these services your site will be index your site for you and provide

you with the HTML code to plug into your web pages.


Using the Major search engines is also an option.  Google has an online Google Custom Search Engine form online.


Ask search engine is another script you may wish to have on your site.  These are used when your visitors ask questions which you answer.


The advantages of the search engine scripts are site navigation is improved when adding a search engine to your site.


Search Engine Optimization is the goal of every webmaster.  This will is advertising to achieve higher rankings in the search engines.  It is necessary to increase the volume of visitors finding your site.  Billions of users search the Internet looking for information and products by typing in keywords or keyword phrases in their browser.  If you are on page thirty of the search results, chances are your site will never be read through these means.  Search engine traffic is a leading form of advertising and you do not want to be low in the index results.


One can hire a search engine marketing firm to advertise their business.  These professionals are skilled in marketing and in taking your company to the top of the search engines and exposure on the World Wide Web.  They will devise a plan in which to market your company which will typically consist of a combination of methods.  They will begin by devising a strategic plan with you for your company and then begin to advertise through target advertising.  This is where they will find the most or biggest audience for your product or service.  Search engine marketing is crucial for any business functioning on the Internet.  You will keep the competitive edge and maximize your exposure.  Search engine marketing firms are designed solely for this purpose.  The goal will be the top positions in all of the major search engines, thus increasing the size or volume of your business.  They will also concentrate on visitors to your site. Imagine the potential if every single visitor to your web site was searching for your product or service.  The search engine marketing firms will target your audience and thus generate interested prospects to your site.   They will concentrate on the searcher finding you instead of your competitors.  With increased web site traffic means increased revenue.  The search engine marketing firms are equipped and specialize in bringing in the interested prospects to your site ensuring this to happen.  Marketing is the driving force behind any business.  And, with the Internet, it is the most cost efficient means of advertising to a huge audience.  Internet users are estimated to be 175 billion with 90% of those being search engine users.  Productive web site marketing is critical to your business.  The search engine is the Internet tool that can make your business genuine success.  A search engine marketing firm is dedicated in the success of your business.  They will specialize in the precise study of search engines, internet buying trends and the user’s behavior.  They are familiar with the several of effective website marketing which in turn will position your website at the top.


Marketing you site is possible as well.  You will need a good strategic plan and to focus and be consistent.  There are many paid and free methods of advertising in which one can engage in.  Targeting your audience is by far the most useful.  It will produce a higher volume of interested prospects and sales.


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