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Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 01-Sep-2010


SEO Workshop is a premium on-site search engine training resource center where SEO experts explain and answer all SEO questions. These knowledgeable and experienced experts offer insights into SEO and belong to the local community. Normally basic, intermediate and highly advanced SEO training is delivered within two to five days in the work shops followed by six months of mentoring program.


Many clients availing SEO Workshop achieves mastery over SEO techniques as the following aspects are highlighted in the workshop like:


01]   Eliminates time wastage on chasing algorithms.

02]   Reveals the method of creating landing pages

03]   Ensures clients gain top SEO placement skills and become veterans within a short period.

04]   Acquires the skill sets to optimize a web page with greater accuracy than before.

05]   Ensures time saving and avoids tweaking for exact accuracy.

06]   Clients discover the latest tips that ensure relevant content by using any competitive keyword

07]   Discover methods to accurately measure SEO influences.


Each SEO Workshop has limited seats to guarantee personalized attention to each client. They enjoy the personalized hands-on instruction delivered by SEO industry leaders. It also ensures that clients attending SEO Workshop experience a totally different “stress free” approach to search engine optimization and search engine marketing skill building.


SEO Workshop enables clients to quickly recognize and take advantage of top visibility and divulge ways to retain the top position and not lose this top placement to rival sites. It helps to take learning to the next level just beyond search engine marketing by moving into new realms of search engine optimization accuracy. SEO Workshop also reveals the techniques wherein web visitors stay on the site and get converted once they land on the client’s website. Their focused approach teaches each participant the full spectrum of search engine marketing skills and ensures that they can further enhance their existing skill sets for better performance.


Do not contaminate the content. The point that clients’ should remember is that, however, tempted they might be, they should not cover a secondary subject on the same page. This reduces the relevancy of the page when someone searches for any specific core content. Let Google do their job of bringing the best information to the results page. It is up to Google to evolve rules to bring a client’s to its rightful place in their search rankings. Thus, a site dedicated to the subject a web user search for will always be rated better than a site covering a wide range of information.


SEO Workshop can prove to be a “life changing” experience for many as outlook and goals of participants are totally changed as they get the surge to achieve their visionary aims. The daily progress is benchmarked that guarantees each participant absorbing and grasping the teaching methods. SEO Workshop refines the SEO skills with hands-on practice under the leadership of SEO industry instructors. The workshop also awards certificate of skill to the participants so that they remain updated with the latest SEO industry changes on an on-going basis.


The SEO Workshop is perfect for professional SEOs as they discover new powerful work-around solutions for problematic design challenges. They also offer training to professional SEO consultants so that they can provide unique solutions to clients’ problems. SEO Workshop gives a complete package of e-Books, discounts on software services and additional training resources that cover almost every aspect of search engine marketing.

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