Avail Of Internet Optimizer Tool For Connectivity

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 11-Aug-2010


  Internet Optimizer shows outstanding feats by dramatically simplifying all the Internet activities. It optimizes the numerous Internet related system settings and boosts the Internet’s performance in context of downloading and browsing. It fastens the process of data transfer, and this becomes apparent when the web user utilizes any type of Internet application. The data transfer is facilitated like reading e-Mail, web browsing and downloading videos. This is also called a “Spyware Program” which redirects the Internet Explorer error page to the advertising pages. Internet Optimizer makes it impossible for a user to access any personal protected site.


The tool is free, automatically optimizes and speeds up any type of Internet connection. It is easy to use and is a good troubleshooting and Networking tool. It allows the user to be in control of all Networking configuration settings. This tool makes functioning of the Internet much easier and is compatible with each version of Windows from 2000 up to 2007. When web users notice a broken link or enter an error page URL, they only view advertisements since the software “Spyware Program” re-directs Internet Explorer errors to the advertising pages. However, password protected websites cannot be accessed by users as Internet Optimizer makes it impossible for anyone to enter such protected sites as they use the same mechanism as HTTP errors.


Such sites are classified as “BHO” and as such; it loads whenever MS Internet Explorer starts. It is undetected by anti-virus software like Fireball since it appears as a legitimate part of the application. Internet Optimizer provides superlative surfing experience to the user who is looking for products or services. It works effectively against virus and clears the personal computers from being infected. It also provides effective solutions and protects the users and computers from unwanted spam e-mails and/or viruses. It enhances the modem speed and optimizes the Internet settings based on the type of connection and Windows Operating System.


This leads to a more user-friendly web experience as the Internet speed gets heightened. It can also restore the computer to an optimal performance level within seconds. The latest version Tweak master is one of the best Internet Optimizers as it uses advanced yet easy-to-use trouble shooting and Networking diagnostic tools. This tool contains many refinements and additional features over the previous versions. The Internet Optimizer assists in spying on competitors through link research and analytic tools. The software enhances link popularity by creating mini-link sites, which boost a client’s website ranking and simultaneously skyrocket sales. By specifying a URL, the software program reports and compares its link popularity on eight major search engines. It also provides the facility of removing an unlimited number of websites or saving them for subsequent monitoring. Internet Optimizer has facilitated cost reduction in web designing and development process by instilling a better user experience.


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