Avail of the Options that Affect Keyword Density in Search Engine Ranking.

Keyword density is designed for highly specific requirements and offers an optimum way of improving a website’s ranking in search engines. In context of search engine optimization, keyword density is one of the prime factors determining whether the web content is relevant in context of a specific keyword or phrase.


Using relevant keywords on websites and find the equilibrium between the number of keywords used and the number of times it is used in content is difficult. Keyword tools that are readily available suggest the optimum keywords as well the number of times or their frequency of usage in the website for achieving better ranking. The over-view differentiates between keyword density, frequency, prominence and proximity for identifying how these indices individually affect a website’s search engine ranking.


It is commonly believed that more times a keyword or key phrase appears within a web page, search engines extend more relevance to those pages and searchers frequent such sites. Keyword prominence refers to the significance of certain keywords in a particular page. It highlights the more prominent keywords within a web page. Under such conditions, website owners are suggested to place their important keywords at the beginning or near a web page and in the sentence as well as on the title or Meta Tag. Keyword proximity determines the closeness between different keywords and SEO experts lays stress on close proximity of keywords for better ranking in search engines.


To obtain high search engine rankings including keywords that potential customers search with in the website pages it is necessary to locate the most targeted keywords. This is feasible by using keyword analysis service like Word Tracker which assists in locating all keyword combinations that bear close relation to the website owner’s business or service. This tool analyzes the actual searches for a particular search term conducted in the Meta crawler search engines. Often the variations in words have a strong implication on the number of searches for a particular term. This is exposed by using the Word Tracker tool. It is important as clients generally want to target search engine users and would, therefore, be interested in including the different variations of the targeted keyword. This factor persuades the search engines to believe that the web page is relevant for different keyword searches.


Few methods are highlighted here which reveals how keyword density increases the website owner’s search engine ranking :

  1. Selecting a domain name containing words and phrases that are commonly searched by the targeted audience.
  2. Inclusion of prominent keywords and phrases in page title for both home page and additional pages.
  3. When designing the website, description, keyword entries and Meta tags should contain some terms used by the targeted audience.
  4. It is beneficial to use keywords in titles, on pictures or graphics.
  5. Having articles uploaded in one’s website is desirable as search engines like articles and information that is useful to their customers.
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