Avoid some Common Mistakes of Article Writing.

An attractive and well written article is the cornerstone strategy in creating a website which draws maximum web visitors. If the author wishes to write an outstanding article, intended to be widely read and distributed by others, the common errors to be avoided are outlined as hereunder:

01)      Grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors should be avoided at all costs. Having the article proof read by others enables the writers to get a clear idea of the impact of the text on other readers. It also reveals whether the text has clearly defined paragraphs and is not a blob of rambling long sentences. Nowadays, readers are interested in short informative articles with a lucid style that can be easily comprehended. Maintaining the same “voice” and same person throughout the text helps. Being consistent while using the first, second or third person in the entire text creates a more powerful impact.

02)        Avoid “hyping” and “self-promotion” of website. Web readers are intelligent and well read. They see through the inane tactics like the tendency to fill the content with “hype” or “self-promotion”. In this context, it would be advisable to sell the company in the “resource box” as it has been proven that “resource box” often gets a 3% “click-through-rate” and it is best to take advantage of this factor. There should not be any attempt to hard sell the products in the website as this creates a negative impact on web readers.

03)        Web content should meet the requirement of the user. Prior to writing the web content, in-depth research on the topic is recommended. This accurately focuses on what the reader wants to find out when hunting for information. In this context, keyword search engine research is suggested as it provides an insight into what people are looking for. Using repetitive sentences in different phrases tend to be meaningless and should be avoided.

04)        Web content should be specific and contextual. It has been suggested by SEO experts that subjective and in-depth information on a topic is appreciated by web users. The topic should be defined and explained so that the web user can relate to the topic. Using bullets or numbering the suggestions create greater impact. Original writing which offers expertise and guidance are also appreciated by visitors. Sticking to the subject and keeping each paragraph relevant to the main theme is desirable.

05)        A compelling headline is mandatory. If the headline is not powerful and the article introduction boring, the readers’ attention is not captured. A compelling headline is the initial step which holds the readers’ attention or they could be diverted to other websites. Headlines should be brief and powerful. Taking help from keyword research tools often achieves the objective. However, using too many bold headers often fails to create the impact the author is contemplating.

06)        Avoid plagiarism. Researching in the Internet for original ideas helps in creating a perfect web content. Looking for ideas in the Net is not condemned but copying or paraphrasing is classified as plagiarism. The style of writing the content should be such that it simply flows highlighting the basic and theme of the topic. This ensures that the article received high market value.

07)        The “resource box” should retain nominal web addresses. It is true that “resource box” is used for promoting a website as it displays the article for re-prints. Care has to be taken, however, that it is not overloaded and stuffed with dozens of website addresses. It is advisable to stick with one or two website URL which would guarantee that the article finds a greater distribution rate. A strategic tactic is to include an affiliate link in the “resource box”.

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