Banner ads Advertising are Multifunctional and Tremendously Open To Change

Banner ads and banner advertising do not require an immense investment and can be directed to the specific target markets that you seek.

Banner advertising Is the Preferred Way to Advertise Online

The use of banners to advertise your products, services or even your company is something that has been done for the longest time in the world inside of the Internet.  The creation of banners started as something similar to any of the mythological legends that teachers taught us in high school; yet, slowly, such mystification has come to an end with the surfacing of freeware software and other entirely or partially free websites that allow webmasters, business owners, entrepreneurs and online advertising agencies to create banners at no cost.

Naturally, banner ads that are created “for free” have several limitations and might end up not being as attractive as the banner ads that the competition has; if you are a neophyte or are not as “convinced” that you should invest in banner advertising, then going with a free banner ad, regardless of its limitations, might be a good idea, until you fully grasp the concept and become accustomed to the idea of Internet banner advertising.

A banner ad is a geometrical figure, generally a square or a rectangle in which images (graphics) and text are displayed in such a manner that they are attention catching and interesting for the targeted Internet surfer.  Creating a simple-formed banner is similar to the creation of a spectacular or roof top advertisement in the real world; you need to be aware of the colors that are optical and those that are not, text size and font as well as the right image.  Naturally, with banner ads there is no need to communicate everything in under 3o seconds; furthermore, you can measure its achievement in real-time and you can even create as many as you want to target individualized groups.

For example, if you are planning on targeting potential customers for the new brand of cigarettes you might want to target those potential customers that are financially independent as well as those who are still in the mid teenager years.  As a result, you will have a better result creating banner advertising ads that target each one of these two major groups, the result will increase if you can downsize the target groups in smaller defining characteristics and then target them with specialized banner ads; so that it will not be the same banner advertising ad for the teenager that is an athlete than the one that is intended for the teenager who is a party fanatic.

There are several forms of banner advertising ads, probably among the most annoying form of Internet advertising are “pop-up ads” these too are considered in the banner ads category.  Pop-up ads, as their name states are windows that pop open as soon as the Internet surfer or visitor clicks on or loads a particular page.  The downside of these is that almost every surfer in the world has at least one particular software devoted to the banning of pop-up ads; the turnaround that most advertising agencies have come up with is the use of alternative windows in specific websites so that there is a chance for the advertising pop-up to open, whether the surfer has pop-up banning software.

However, annoying to surfers pop-up ads might be, almost a rounded 60% of them agree that there is little tolerance room for hovering banner ads.  Hover ads are small to medium sized squares or rectangles that “float” around in any website that you are currently visiting.  There is no possibility of the visitor to miss your advertisement since while it is floating around it will obscure with a white or black tint the rest of the website forcing the surfer to either click on the advertising or minimizing it.  The downside is that the alternative is to simply seek for another website that presents the same information, products or services without these hovering ads.

Of course, there are other forms of banner ads that are normally being used in the Internet world such as “skyscraper” ads that are narrow rectangle banners in vertical positions and, in some cases, these are designed to be even bigger than the actual screen that the surfer might be using, forcing him or her to click on the ad in order to make it “disappear”; these are rarely used since they are often expensive, and it will certainly cause the surfer not to visit that particular website.

Finally, the most common and popular banner ads are those considered “live banners” these have the additional feature that they change image and content any given time, from the refreshing of a particular page to a specific pace or time set (i.e. 5 seconds).  This is particularly used because it allows banner advertising to be dynamic and allows several companies to advertise in the same popular website at a low cost opposite having the total control of the website at a high cost.

Therefore, banner advertising is one of the most popular ways to advertise in the Internet world, naturally, self created banners such as the ones that you can find at websites such as and are not as attractive as the ones that you can have made at these same websites or even with your advertising agency online.  Even so, there is no need to limit the banner that you can make or that your advertising or marketing personnel could create to already set designs; the images and the text that is used can be added, modified and even customized from the many patterns that are available in Internet itself.

The thing that you will be needing, in the most definite way, is patience to surf as much as possible through the Internet, see the different types of banner advertising, there are and select the alternative that you prefer.


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