Basic Internet Marketing Search Engine Marketing Approaches to Marketing Campaigns

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.15.2012


Just because new technology in digital and internet marketing search engine marketing are constantly changing, doesn’t mean that the old rules don’t apply. Although there’s often a lot of buzz around the latest marketing and Internet tool, such as a new social media site on the rise, it would still be unwise to let the classic approaches to creating a marketing campaign fall to the wayside.

This is because if you’re aiming for an objective that’s measurable requires a more comprehensive approach towards the customer. Only then are tools selected based on the brand, budget, and deadlines. There are four basic approaches that can be applied to a marketing campaign.

The first approach is direct. Whenever possible, a marketer should have direct contact with consumers and stakeholders and listen to them, whether it be discussing ideas, donations, customer reviews, resolving problems and issues, or organizing events. Direct contact with stakeholders is likely to produce the fastest, most immediate result.

A top-down approach occurs when media is used to send a message to an audience. Media can come in many forms – from television, magazines, billboards, and other types of advertising campaigns to public relations and events.

The message sent via the top-down approach is supposed to be positioned as a voice of authority, enough to persuade customers into consuming a brand’s products and services.  This is why celebrities, sponsored bloggers, and other well-known media voices are often used to advertise in a top-down approach, as such people are already well-positioned with the public.

The groundswell approach is essentially a word of mouth technique. This is often the approach most emphasized to smaller companies or start-ups, as, more often than not, they do not have a wide enough consumer base to market to those customers alone.

The groundswell approach is thus an effective approach to businesses with few customers, as it is the best approach to increase the customer base. The groundswell approach is also marketed to already loyal customers by encouraging them to spread the word in exchange for incentives.

The flanking approach is a more atypical one and usually happens when there’s damage control to be done, or obstacles that need to be surpassed in order to get to consumers. If there isn’t a large enough consumer base, or if the word of mouth is lacking, flanking techniques include advertising, such as engine internet marketing ppc search and search engine optimization. Any Los Angeles search engine optimization company will be able to assist in optimizing your website.

These approaches can also be blended within a marketing campaign; for example, combining a top-down approach with social media with a groundswell approach can be effective. The big question to ask is how to determine which of these classic approaches to use on which brands. There are several factors to determine your approach.

Ask yourself several questions: for one, what does success for the brand or company look like, and how does the brand itself define its own success? What are the brands goals and objectives? Create a marketing objective based on budget, time and the brand’s marketing goals. Ask the brand how they relate to their customers and what they’re usually like; go out in the field and look at the customers yourself, if necessary. It should be clear, then, that using classic marketing techniques will help you achieve your marketing goals.

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