Basic Los Angeles Web Marketing Tactics for a Better Customer Experience

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.18.2012


In the Los Angeles web marketing world, the phrase customer experience is a term that has been only recently coined. Whereas customer service is just one aspect of what a company does, the customer experience covers how a brand is implemented across every instance or touch point in a customer’s interaction with a brand.

As a California SEO expert – or as a professional of any kind for that matter – you should be able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What do you think it’s like for a customer to call in customer service, or to get put on hold? What is it like to book a flight online or to read a Terms and Condition agreement to understand what rights you have (or don’t have)?

The customer experience is all about delivering a customer’s needs and creating relationships – and doing so may involving choosing just the right words and making sure specific touch points are met with customers. Any search engine marketing company Los Angeles knows that in order to truly understand and instill a sense of loyalty in the customer, you should thoroughly understand what the customer goes through and deliver those results.

In order to inspire customer loyalty, you start with learning the basic tactics. The first tactic is to truly understand what your customer wants and needs, and meet those needs. You should also understand that all customers are different – while some customers may prefer to keep in touch via email, other prefer a face-to-face meeting or postal mail correspondence.

Consider also how much your services your customer will need. If the customer has heavily invested in your company, he may require much more detail and information than a casual customer might. You should also use demographic information about your customers to your advantage to find what kinds of customers you are impacting the most.

The second tactic is to let your customer clearly know what you want and need from them. Make everything you are thinking explicitly clear so that no confusion could ever come out of it in the future.

You can inspire customer loyalty even further with the third basic tactic, which is to personalize the experience with each customer. Customers who have already shopped with you before may expect you to know basic information about them, so it’s important to serve them based on personal experience.

It’s also important to be able to speak to your customers in relatable layman’s terms, instead of complicated industry jargon. Customer shouldn’t have to do research after speaking with you – they should understand what you mean from the get-go. You should bring to your company and brand a distinct voice and keep it consistent in your dealings with customers.

Relate to your customer across all touchpoints. Whether it be Internet, mobile devices or mail, make sure your can thoroughly access your customers. There should be no excuse as to why a customer couldn’t get to specific information.

Maintaining a great customer experience is really just one part of your job. Once you have the customer experience down pat, you also want to create a memorable brand experience, one that hopefully your customers will be loyal to and spread the word to other potential customers.

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