Basic Tools a Company SEO Firm Doesn’t Live Without

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.23.2012



There are tools that every SEO company uses to do proper search engine optimization for their clients.  These  tools can be used to optimize a page in ways that aren’t obvious.

A Single Page Analyzer is full of data for the website’s individual pages.  This report analyzes word and phrase usage to improve on-page optimization.  You can find this tool in the dashboard under Analyze > Page Analyzer > Singe Page Analyzer.  This tool provides a link information report, word metrics, and a cloak checker.

The link information report lists the links found on a single webpage.  This includes any outbound links that are broken, redirects, and any other errors.  User experience and user-friendliness should be important to your business, it’s important to Google.  Making sure your links work properly is important to that user experience.

The way your content is written can affect your users’ experience.  Online people’s attention spans are shorter and they tend to skim through content instead of reading word for word.  Word Metrics helps to determine how easy your content is to read.  This tool looks at syllable count, a higher count of syllables means it’ll slow down your readers.  Breaking up long sentences into shorter thoughts will help ease the reading.  “Dumbing down” your content to match a fifth grade level can help your readers to understand the content easier and in turn read much faster.

Presenting something different to the website’s visitor  than to a search engine is called, “cloaking.”  A company SEO uses a cloak checker to know if this is taking place.  Cloaking is considered a deceitful SEO technique, but quite a few sites end up doing this.  This usually occurs because multiple people have worked on a website over a few years or the site is rather large.

The cloaker acts like different web browsers and checks the content each pulls up against each other.  If there are discrepancies between them, it believes the website is using cloaking.  It can have false positives, which are usually small changes in content or small A/B Tests.

The SEOToolSet’s Cloak Checker looks at individual parts of a page and compares them.  This gives more insight into the content on a page,  providing less false positives.  Which saves time and effort in uncovering the reasons behind a positive cloaking report, when nothing was wrong.

The Domain Ranking Report shows “raw” rankings that aren’t personalized for the user and location.  Keyword Ranking Distribution shows your site’s rankings across all search engines for keywords you are monitoring as well as the percentage of each keywords.  This report shows you how well your keyword strategy is doing.  Comparison reports allow for comparison of date selections for the keyword ranking distribution chart.  It shows you how keyword rankings have changed over time.

These two tools can really help website owners understand their search engine optimization basics further.  Using these tools along with others can optimize your content and provide the support system to concentrate on other areas of marketing.

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